When will this picture show stop?  When will we have a leader that will make a u-turn in the road?  When did this start?

It will stop when we have an American leader that believes in America, its people and their values, and the Constitution.  So, let’s do more vetting for the 2016 voting exercise.  When you vote for any voice from the bottom to the top, be sure you know that person’s background.  The halls of the government, the State Department, and the Pentagon will have to be fumigated to rid the government of all of the progressives and communists. Especially in your local area from the school board to the top state representative be sure they are an American – born and bred.

Uncle Sam

We have a lot of people in this country who are not here because they love America – they are here because they like what they can steal from our Lady Liberty and in their heart they hate America and want to do her harm.

This didn’t start six years ago – this started with the advent of the ONE WORLD ORDER crowd (three Bush’s, Clinton’s, and  now Obama and now they want to give the Queen Bee Clinton a shot at the top spot and really finish us off).  The American people have worked hard for everything that you see from town to town.

Then you have this One World Order crowd who thinks America has too much and they think they know who gets what you worked hard for and now they want to take it from you and give it to people who do not work and do not give a hoot about anything or anybody.  But, don’t forget, this rich crowd is not going to give  away any of their money – only yours.  Don’t forget they belong to a special crowd that has their own financial programs and the American people don’t belong.

Just stop and think – it started with the Clinton administration, then the Bush administration, and now the Obama administration.  The dung is getting deeper and deeper.  It is time to elect an American who will clean up the dung and doesn’t mind the poop that this group has generated:



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