It is strange that with all of the talk about these special forces our leader has said nothing to tone down the rhetoric.  It is like everything else that the White House puts out,  it is like a phony two-dollar bill.

Special forces set to swarm Southwest and operate undetected among civilians in massive military exercise

•Operation Jade Helm will see 1,200 service members including Green Berets and SEALs and special forces from the Air Force and Marines in July
•Soldiers armed with blank rounds will operate in and around towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado for 8 weeks
•The so-called Realistic Military Training has some residents fearful the drill is a preparation for martial law

By Dailymail.com Reporter

Published: 19:41 EST, 26 March 2015 | Updated: 23:56 EST, 28 March 2015

Seven Southwestern states will soon be infiltrated by 1,200 military special ops personnel as part of a controversial domestic military training in which some of the elite soldiers will operate undetected among civilians.  (If they dressed like a soldier and are carrying a rifle, I would think that would be hard to detect.)

Operation Jade Helm begins in July and will last for eight weeks. Soldiers will operate in and around towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado where some of them will drop (drop – I thought it was called parachuting)  from planes while carrying weapons loaded with blanks in what military officials have dubbed Realistic Military Training.  (Yeah – when you parachute out of a plane, I would call that realistic.)

But with residents of the entire states of Texas and Utah dubbed ‘hostile’ for the purposes of the exercises, Jade Helm has some concerned the drills are too realistic.  (Yes, I would think so with the people who are turning on the light switches.)

Jade Helm

Hostile: An unclassified military document reveals the states involved in a controversial multi-agency training exercises that will place 1,200 military personnel into 7 Southwest states–with residents of Utah, Texas and part of Southern California designated as ‘hostile’

Special ops: Operation Jade Helm will involve Green Berets and SEALs and special forces from the Air Force and Marines starting in July and lasting 8 weeks

Headlines like Freedom Outpost’s ‘Operation Jade Helm—military trains for martial law in American South-west’ abound across the Right-leaning blogosphere and Info Wars warns that Jade Helm is simply ‘an effort to test the effectiveness of infiltration techniques’ on the American public.

‘They’re having Delta Force, Navy SEALS with the Army trained to basically take over,’ Info Wars’ Alex Jones said Sunday. ‘Texas is listed as a hostile sector, and of course, we are…We’re here defending the republic.’

The Houston Chronicle reports that, among the planned exercises, soldiers will attempt to operate undetected among civilian populations.   (If the soldiers look like the picture below with the soldiers on a train – is this called  under cover?)

Residents, in turn, will be asked to report suspicious activity in order to gauge the effectiveness of the soldiers. (I’m not believing this sentence – where is the strategy coming from – kindergarten – when you are asking the people of the community to participate in the drill?  No wonder we have not made any headway in the Middle East!)

Military officials say they’ve gotten the go ahead for the operations from local authorities such as mayors and county commissions.  (If that is the case, why they not informing the people as to what is going to happen?)

And sheriff’s deputies told the Houston Chronicle they would ensure residents living near where aircraft were slated to create disturbances and drop soldiers, civilian and military vehicles will barrel through and where blank rounds would be fired.  (Sure hope they know what they are doing – up to now not so sure.)

Jim Stewart with the Brazos County, Texas Sheriff’s Office told the Chronicle that such exercises are far from anything new.  (One thing for sure, you certainly did not let anyone know you were on anyone’s premises.)

‘Special ops for years have trained off-post for years, where they go out and have folks that are role players out on the economy,’ said the Army intelligence veteran. ‘They’ll have a scenario they’ll be following and they’ll interact with these role players as if they’re in another country.’ (Well, with all of the illegals in Texas, you are – it is called Mexico.)

However, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command themselves say Jade Helm is different.  (Bet they will even bring their artist wares so they can paint pictures when they shoot those paint bullets.)

Army Trains

who and where

Texas judge denies Operation Jade Helm is martial law plot.

Texas, which the military has designated as ‘hostile’ for the purposes of the training, was chosen to be a hub of the unprecedentedly large program because ‘Texans are historically supportive of efforts to prepare our soldiers’ writes the USASOC.

‘The size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart. To stay ahead of the environmental challenges faced overseas, Jade Helm will take place across seven states,’ the USASOC wrote in a March 24 release.

‘The diverse terrain in these states replicates areas Special Operations Soldiers regularly find themselves operating in overseas.’

The military has also reacted to widespread fear of the operation by calling some ultra-conservative coverage of the ‘martial law’ drills alarmist and inaccurate.

That notion was proposed by a few individuals who are unfamiliar with how and why USASOC conducts training exercises,’ USASOC spokesman Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria told Stripes.

‘This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for Army Special Operations Forces because they must be ready to support potential missions anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice.’

Oh sure!  Working in public always taught me, whenever management does not want you to know something, they simply tell you the opposite.  I call it lieing.  This group is real good at that.


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