Always remember in your reporting,  Jonathan – sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Thank you Jonathan Capehart for being honest and pointing out to the public that the “HANDS UP” was a lie from the beginning to the end.  It just shows to what extent the Communist Muslim Democratic liberals will go to create a lie.  We can thank George Soros for busing in and paying for all of the destruction that occurred by the paid protestors he provided.  We have to also include all of those liberals in the Democratic Congressional party who stood up several times with their “HANDS UP.”


Congress Hands UpHands Up


Following are some instructions that Soros  and his protestors  and the Congressional Democrats need to practice if they are going to lie:

1.  Practice your  lying skill before you lie.  Just practice before a mirror to be sure you can convince yourself first.

2.  Imagine you are not lying.

3.  Don’t overdo it.  If you act TOO much, they will know you are lying.

4.  Don’t get angry if they don’t fall for it.


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