Why does Obama not like Netanyahu?  The news media continue to ask that question over and over!  I would think that by now it would be evident.  A few questions will be asked?  The first question is what ideology does Netanyahu support?  The answer is he is Jewish and leader of the Jewish people who follow a democracy.  He is smart and well-educated.  Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East and are constantly under attack from the Muslim world.  

Why do the Muslims want Israel to disappear?  If the Muslims take over the land of Israel they will destroy Israel/Jerusalem and make it into a Muslim state and Christianity will disappear as we know it.  Why do the terrorists continue to kill all of their own Muslims who are Christians?  They don’t even like their own people because they are Christians and not Muslims.  The Palestinians continue to attack Israel and want more and more land trying to take it over and ease all of the Jews out.  Iran and the Muslims will have to dilute the Quran because as the religion stands if you are not a Muslim you are their enemy.  The world outside of Islam needs to recognize this and treat them accordingly.

Now what ideology does Obama follow?  Obama is the leader of the free world which follows a democratic system and our leader professes to be a Christian but in reality follows the Muslim ideology and Islam faith.  That is why Obama is having such a hard time. The White House corridors are lined with Muslims and his top advisor was born in Iran and religiously follows her faith.  So this is why Obama is having such a hard time trying to lead America because of this influence.  His disdain for Netanyahu is that the bulk of the Muslim states want to rid the Middle East of Israel.  We don’t know anything about Obama – whether he is well educated or smart because he has spent millions of dollars to hide his background.  So what is he hiding?  What is it that he doesn’t want us to know?  Sooner or later the oil will rise to the surface.

Obama and the Middle East are constantly trying to tell the Jewish people and Netanyahu what they should and should not do as far as their land is concerned.  It is time for these folks to leave Israel alone.  Israel contributes so much to the world  – whereas the Muslim world contributes zilch!  They only contribute terrorists!  One suggestion is the Muslims need  to go bury their heads in the sand if they don’t want to be a part of the world’s peace.

The next question is why doesn’t Obama like the people in America – because of his ideology he considers us infidels.  Have you noticed, he has nothing to do with the Senate, Congress, or the American people and makes his own rules as he goes.  When he stated he wanted to transform America – well folks he meant turning our country into a Muslim country.  He is using our money and resources for this transformation.  If you had known that would you have voted for him?

So all of you news media, please don’t ask that question – why doesn’t Obama like Netanyahu – because all of you know and just keep walking around the answer?



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