We have many different religious cultures in the Middle East. Why is it they cannot unite and achieve a peaceful existence? It is hard to believe that with the blood and treasure that the world has given to these countries so they can share this treasure and build their own sovereign nation. An example of this is Iraq where Maliki was given the chance to form a country of various religious cultures. What did he do but resort to culling everyone but his own religious party which is the Sunni’s and actually kicked out the Shia who were qualified to be a part of the government.

Our leader made a terrible mistake by withdrawing our troops who fought so hard and many soldiers were killed and maimed for what – only to have the void filled with terrorists.  Now the fight is there again and Iran who is America’s enemy is now the enemy and our enemy is helping Iraq soldiers to fight the terrorist instead of our soldiers.   So will Iran want to stick their foot in Iraq’s door and claim part of the country after the fight.

Therefore, there isn’t any way a country will be successful in forming a country with this type of governing where there is exclusion of certain members of society. Why did the U.S. allow this to happen? Why did we withdraw our troops which could have been an important factor in keeping this country on the road to success. We won that war and should have remained in control until the shadow government was ready for “real-time.”

Now Obama calls in the two parties, Socialist Democrats and Republicans, not for ideas but to tell them he does not need their approval for any decision he makes. We must be sure the decisions that are made are for the good of our country and to protect our interests in Iraq – not for Obama and his political party.  He and Kerry are now trying to deal with Iran in secret.  Neither one are trust worthy and the Senate and Congress must insist this deal is displayed for the eyes of the world to see.  Iran is the devil in the world and we should not be dealing with the devil.  We must put more sanctions on the table to keep Iran in check.  Obama is trying to give them the okay to proceed with their evil.


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