I don’t want to beat a dead horse – but I am very disappointed in the Republicans who voted to fund a bill that is illegal – why.  Those people who voted  “YEA” need to explain to the American people why they voted to fund Obama’s executive amnesty.  They promised they would hold their ground and broke their promise!

March 5, 2015 7:53 AM

VOTE RESULTS: Majority of Republicans Oppose Amnesty Funding

Fully Fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty

February 27, 2015

The vote was on whether to pass the FY 2015 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill, which re-instated funding for Obama’s executive amnesty. This was the last opportunity for Republican’s to stop funding for full implementation of President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty for the remainder of the year.

The conservative vote was NAY.

114th Congress, 1st Session, Vote #62
Conservative Votes — 31 Nay
Liberal Votes — 68 Yea
Required — 1/2 Majority
Result — Bill Passed

Liberal – 68;  Conservative – 31


Yea TN Alexander, Lamar R
Yea NH Ayotte, Kelly R
Yea WI Baldwin, Tammy D
Yea WY Barrasso, John R
Yea CO Bennet, Michael D
Yea CT Blumenthal, Richard D
Yea NJ Booker, Cory D
Yea OH Brown, Sherrod D
Yea WA Cantwell, Maria D
Yea WV Capito, Shelley R
Yea MD Cardin, Benjamin D
Yea DE Carper, Thomas D
Yea PA Casey, Robert D
Yea IN Coats, Daniel R
Yea MS Cochran, Thad R
Yea ME Collins, Susan R
Yea DE Coons, Chris D
Yea TN Corker, Bob R
Yea TX Cornyn, John R
Yea IN Donnelly, Joe D
Yea IL Durbin, Richard D
Yea WY Enzi, Michael R
Yea CA Feinstein, Dianne D
Yea AZ Flake, Jeff R
Yea MN Franken, Alan D
Yea CO Gardner, Cory R
Yea NY Gillibrand, Kirsten D
Yea SC Graham, Lindsey R
Yea UT Hatch, Orrin R
Yea NM Heinrich, Martin D
Yea ND Heitkamp, Heidi D
Yea NV Heller, Dean R
Yea HI Hirono, Mazie D
Yea WI Johnson, Ron R
Yea VA Kaine, Timothy D
Yea ME King, Angus I
Yea IL Kirk, Mark R
Yea MN Klobuchar, Amy D
Yea VT Leahy, Patrick D
Yea WV Manchin, Joe D
Yea MA Markey, Edward D
Yea AZ McCain, John R
Yea MO McCaskill, Claire D
Yea KY McConnell, Mitch R
Yea NJ Menendez, Robert D
Yea OR Merkley, Jeff D
Yea MD Mikulski, Barbara D
Yea AK Murkowski, Lisa R
Yea CT Murphy, Christopher D
Yea WA Murray, Patty D
Yea FL Nelson, Bill D
Yea MI Peters, Gary D
Yea RI Reed, John D
Yea NV Reid, Harry D
Yea SD Rounds, Mike R
Yea VT Sanders, Bernard I
Yea HI Schatz, Brian D
Yea NY Schumer, Charles D
Yea NH Shaheen, Jeanne D
Yea MI Stabenow, Debbie D
Yea MT Tester, Jon D
Yea SD Thune, John R
Yea PA Toomey, Patrick R
Yea NM Udall, Tom D
Yea VA Warner, Mark D
Yea MA Warren, Elizabeth D
Yea RI Whitehouse, Sheldon D
Yea OR Wyden, Ron D


Nay MO Blunt, Roy R
Nay AR Boozman, John R
Nay NC Burr, Richard R
Nay LA Cassidy, Bill R
Nay AR Cotton, Tom R
Nay ID Crapo, Michael R
Nay TX Cruz, Ted R
Nay MT Daines, Steve R
Nay IA Ernst, Joni R
Nay NE Fischer, Deb R
Nay IA Grassley, Charles R
Nay ND Hoeven, John R
Nay OK Inhofe, James R
Nay GA Isakson, John R
Nay OK Lankford, James R
Nay UT Lee, Mike R
Nay KS Moran, Jerry R
Nay KY Paul, Rand R
Nay GA Perdue, David R
Nay OH Portman, Robert R
Nay ID Risch, James R
Nay KS Roberts, Pat R
Nay FL Rubio, Marco R
Nay NE Sasse, Benjamin R
Nay SC Scott, Tim R
Nay AL Sessions, Jefferson R
Nay AL Shelby, Richard R
Nay AK Sullivan, Dan R
Nay NC Tillis, Thom R
Nay LA Vitter, David R
Nay MS Wicker, Roger R
Not Voting

CA Boxer, Barbara D

Republicans in Congress rebuke their leaders and vote against funding for President Obama’s executive amnesty.

Republican leaders in Washington have now succeeded in passing funding for President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty program.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) joined Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and every Democrat in Congress to pass this sellout.

These Republican leaders did this after they promised in December to use the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) bill to defund the president’s action.
The battle for the future of this country is no longer a fight between Republicans and Democrats; it’s a fight between the political establishment in DC and all of us.

While the passage of this bill is certainly one of the biggest betrayals we have seen in recent years, there is some good news to report.  A majority of Republicans in the House and Senate voted against their leaders and opposed funding for executive amnesty.
In the House, 167 Republicans (68%) opposed it, and in the
Senate, 31 Republicans (57%) opposed it. It’s a reversal from December when a majority of Republicans supported the cr-omnibus spending bill that also funded amnesty.
This is a big shift and it would not have happened without all of the petitions signed and calls made by people like you across the country.

It’s a clear rebuke of the decision by Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner to surrender the power of the purse.

Senate Republicans need to hear from us on this issue. They think the debate is over and they expect Americans to forget and move on.

The senators who voted to fund the president’s amnesty need to know we’re disappointed. They need to know that there are consequences for betraying their principles. Likewise, those who voted against it need to know we’re grateful.
And every Republican needs to know that we’re disappointed in Senator McConnell’s failure to stand up to the president.  Here’s a printable list of senators with phone numbers.

It’s time to build a new Republican Party. It’s time to support principled conservatives in key races across the country, and it’s time to support conservative primary challengers against liberal incumbents who have lost their way.

This is what SCF was created to do and it’s needed now more than ever.

Thank you for standing strong for freedom and thank you for being part of SCF’s effort to change Washington. Please don’t get discouraged. We’re making progress and this country is worth fighting for.

Ken Cuccinelli II


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