Will you trade in your dead presidents for real money?

George Washington would hardly believe what has happened to our nation and to our currency.  Our precious freedoms have been stolen from us by Federal authorities and our personal assets have been withered by tax-and-spend policies and  unfathomable national debt.  

Our Nation’s leaders have long forgotten the words penned by our first President months before his death:  “To contract new debts is not the way to pay old ones.”  

Fortunately, Americans still have freedom of action in one critical area – the ability to exchange some of our devaluing dollars for the safe harbor of honest money, silver and gold.  

It is still important that you continue to pressure your representative – we must have an audit of our gold reserve which Ms. Yellen does not want – there is a skunk smell that I am not liking!  There has to be a reason why?  In addition, we must audit the Federal Reserve.  Representative Rand Paul has a bill that must be pushed through to make this happen.  Can we depend on Paul to make this happen?






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