The Congress needs to ask some tough questions before this plan, The War Powers Act” our leader wants Congress to sign off on,  is enacted.  This leader has fooled the people and the Congress by going around the law with his pen and phone many times.  My question is – if Congress signs off on this plan what can Obama do with the plan that he cannot do if he doesn’t have the approval of this plan?  We continue to receive caution information about the government confiscating our savings – is this one of the things he could use the War Powers Act for?  The other is if he has the approval of the War Powers Act can he declare Marshall law?  If so, we know how lawless he is now, just think how much more damage he can do to the country.  I vote NO for approval of this plan.  All he will do is use it against the American people.

New Gov’t Programs Threaten to Confiscate Savings.

 Written by Damon Geller

In his latest State of the Union address, Obama shocked Congress with his proposal to tax college savings plans to pay for his new programs. His proposal is nothing more than confiscation-through-taxation, and it comes on the heels of a number of alarming government programs to confiscate citizen savings & retirement. The United States and governments across the globe are increasingly turning to private wealth confiscation in order to manage their massive debts and maintain their power structure. Throughout America, police seize cash from innocent citizens without ever charging them with a crime. Bankers conspire with the IRS to seize the accounts of innocent citizens with no notification, no court order, and no charge of crimes. The IMF proposes global wealth confiscation as a means of funding bankrupt governments. And Congress passes controversial new laws to make your savings & retirement a prime target for confiscation. So if you want to protect your hard-earned savings, the time to act is NOW!
The U.S. Gov’t Is Going Bankrupt

Desperate government officials will always resort to expropriation, be it through excessive taxation, inflation, debt accumulation, deficits, or outright confiscation. With the Federal Reserve currently buying 90% of the U.S. Treasury market (and going insolvent doing so), who do you think the government will lean on to finance the debt when the Fed runs out of ammo? The answer is YOU. In fact, the U.S. government has made several highly controversial moves to make your savings & retirement accounts a prime target for confiscation! They’re using legislation and authoritarian power in collusion with the modern financial system to gain access to your private assets in the name of “protection”, “security” or “national emergency.” But in reality, your savings & wealth are being targeted as a revenue source.

Obama Wants Your Savings & Retirement

In back-to-back State of The Union addresses, Obama announced new initiatives aimed at getting to your savings & retirement money. Obama’s latest proposal is to tax citizens’ college savings plans to pay for new programs, such as making the first two years of community college free. So hard-working Americans will now have a portion of their children’s college savings confiscated through new taxation. This comes right on the heels of Obama’s previous initiative: the MyRA. MyRA means your retirement money will now be used to pay for U.S. debt. The MyRA is nothing more than an investment scam being sold to the American people as a you-can’t-lose, zero-risk investment. But in reality, the Fed can’t conjure up money from thin air to buy the debt anymore, and our foreign friends don’t want our debt anymore, so Obama needs YOU to finance the debt.

FATCA Gives the IRS Worldwide Power

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, took effect in 2014. FATCA requires foreign banks to disclose the identity and details of Americans with foreign accounts. Foreign Financial Institutions must report our account numbers, balances, names, addresses, and U.S. identification numbers. If they do not, they will receive a FATCA letter warning them to comply, or else. What happens if a financial institution doesn’t comply with U.S. demands? FATCA cuts off companies from access to critical U.S. financial markets if they fail to pass along American data – tantamount to financial warfare against many of our own allies. Fearing the wrath of the U.S. government, more than 100 nations have agreed to the law, including the Vatican! Even Russia and China have been intimidated into signing on.

CARDS Gives the Gov’t Access to All Brokerage Accounts

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which oversees how investments are sold, proposed what it calls CARDS – Comprehensive Automated Risk Data System – which is an electronic system that will regularly collect data on balances and transactions in all 4100 brokerages nationwide. CARDS is disguised as a way to “protect” investors, but the system is clearly designed to have detailed information on the structure & location of every citizens’ investments. Since the government needs us to support its debt (because outside interests no longer do), wouldn’t it be convenient to know and control the structure or every investment portfolio in America?
Banks Conspire with Gov’t to Confiscate Accounts

Think your money is safe in the bank? Think again. A recent bombshell from the New York Times exposed that the nation’s biggest banks have willingly turned bank accounts over to the government for total confiscation. It’s all done in secrecy, often initiated by the bankers. Tragically, bank account holders don’t even know they’re being targeted until after the money is seized from their accounts. The banks’ deplorable actions have resulted in millions of dollars stolen from U.S. citizens without a shred of due process. And in 80% of the cases, no criminal charges were ever filed. Even more alarming – in a matter of just a few years – these cases of unconstitutional bank account seizures have risen over 500%!

Police Seize Money from Innocent U.S. Citizens

In learning about the massive bank account seizures, you might think your money is safer as cash in your hands. Think again. As revealed in a recent Washington Post report, the executive branch of government has seized money from thousands of innocent U.S. citizens with absolutely no due process. Police departments around the country, at the command of the Justice Department & Homeland Security, have confiscated money from over 200,000 citizens – in some cases tens of thousands of dollars – even though many of them committed no crime! Why? Because our state & federal governments are broke, bankrupt and in desperate need of capital. Just like the administration, law enforcement is shredding the Constitution and rule of law. The Police State is now being expanded to unlawfully gain access to citizens’ money.

Government Confiscation Is Now a Global Trend

Maybe you think you’re safe moving your accounts off-shore? Wrong. As first reported by Forbes, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) dropped a bomb in its Fiscal Monitor Report. The report paints a dire picture for high-debt nations that fail to aggressively “mobilize domestic revenue,” which is code for “aggressively tax its citizens.” It goes on to build a case for drastic measures and recommends a series of escalating income and consumption tax increases – culminating in the direct confiscation of assets. The IMF explicitly recommends that nations seize 10% of your private savings in addition to the taxes you’re already paying!

There’s is no Place to Hide

With our desperate governments gaining unprecedented access to your personal savings anywhere in the world, you need to take action NOW to protect your savings & retirement from outright confiscation. But if the government has its hands in your bank accounts, retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, and even the cash in your pocket, is any place safe?

We must stand up to this evil!


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