We are continuing to struggle in our country with the separation of church and state.  As we have known for a long time that Christianity and its teachings have been closely knitted in the fabric of Western culture.  As was the case in our family, its structure was built around the ten commandments.  I wonder how many families in American even know what these commandments are?  The country has to recognize that a Christian culture is not the same as a Christian community.  Society itself is not a church.

American society will always participate in the heavenly civilization of love – no matter how imperfect.  We need to separate that which is clearly Christian from cultural forms which have been taken over and reshaped for post-Christian purposes.  This needs to be done not for the sake of disengaging from culture or retreating from the public square, but for the sake of the “salt doesn’t lose it flavor.”

Polls are now showing that the public wants more religion in the mix of life.  The polls show that 49 percent of the people feel that churches should have a say in public debates about political and social issues.  This is up 40 percent.  Those who were against churches to stay out of politics went down from 50 to 48 percent.  This is certainly a reversal in a decade old trend.  The poll didn’t ask why people want more religion in the public square; but, people in general know why because it makes sense given the social realities.

Religion embodies the highest and most powerful of authority – “THUS SAITH THE LORD!” This claim to ultimate authority is what makes faith both an anchor of any social order (see Romans 13:1) and its most powerful critic (see John 18:36).  The claim of the sacred on our loyalty stabilizes life – and also shakes it  up.

Progressivism denies authority and at the same time also often exercises a dictatorial control.  We know by these revelations that it should not be surprising then that religion and God’s authority are looking more attractive to Christians, and that the hope for a new resurgence of faith on the part of the church in the days ahead is palpable.

As the writer of the book of Hebrews put it, “Faith is the assurance of things not (yet) seen.”  May Christ’s church be wise enough to build its faith in the future on this conviction.

The words above are words to live by and are shared from a newspaper article because during these perilous times – they strike at the heart of living in today’s times.

May God Bless and keep us safe!


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