Baby Bob Hairstyle – Celebrity Short Hair Trend

Everyone in Hollywood has this hair style.  Here’s why,  base name is called celebrity blonde bob hair style.  It is a chin-grazing, ultra-piece-y bob.  Of course, it not unusual to see multiple celebs with the same “do,” but what is striking about this trend is that the style is proving to be universally flattering.  Regardless of age, of face shape, the messy baby bob just works.  It is a lot like the lob trend before it – but a little it edgier and more daring.

Interestingly, the women we’ve seen with this style have arrived at it from different ends of the haircut spectrum. The baby bob functions as the goal length for those trying to grow out a pixie while also serving as a bold short-hair move for women with typically longer locks. Additionally, we’d be lying by omission if we didn’t mention that, currently, 50% of beauty departments,  has this “do.” It’s just such an easy way to have a short cut that’s still versatile.  Just love this style!  Just wash, part,  run your fingers through it,  throw on some pancake make-up, lip gloss, and here you go!  And don’t forget, you laid out your clothes and accessories the night before,  you do have to put something over your bod and feet.  Have a good day!


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Now if the above is not your taste, below are a few more that might appeal to you.  It looks like all they need is some specialized  spit-washing to put them in place.


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Funkiest hairstyles in sports

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