As we have heard the Obama’s dined at a highly exclusive restaurant in Hawaii.  Good for them, why America expects our leader to only experience the best and then they can tell us where to eat when we visit the islands.

The first couple kicked off the new year with dinner on Thursday at an exclusive Honolulu restaurant that offers $500,000 memberships and boasts $1 billion in artwork and furnishings, The Hill reports.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dined at Vintage Cave, an underground foodies lair that seats 32 people and where meals for non-members start at $295 a person, not including wine, the Daily Mail reports.

White House pool reports on the Obama’s’ meals didn’t detail what they ate, but the highly rated restaurant’s exotic menu includes caviar, foie gras, brioche, quail egg topped with black truffle, and caramelized white chocolate.  Don’t Americans entertain all of this type of food on their daily menus?

Honolulu Magazine writes that Vintage Cave, bankrolled by a billionaire Japanese developer,  is “not accessible to 99 percent of the population.”  Since that is the case, don’t you imagine that the couple went in to play spy and check out this restaurant so that it could be placed on the endangered list?

“It’s not difficult to see why,” the Daily Caller reports, “what with an entryway adorned with antique Galle lamps — costing $850,000 apiece — and walls composed of 150,000 antique-style bricks and floors of granite sourced from the mountains of India.”

Don’t you know they had a blast and now they can tell us all about it.  Happy ever after New Years!


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