Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules are 43 times longer than the Bible.

Since President Barack Obama took office in January 2009, the EPA has issued 3,100 new final regulations, taking up 27,854 pages in the Federal Register.

The regulations cover a wide range of issues, including greenhouse gases, air quality, hazardous substances, and emissions.

The Federal Register publishes documents including rules, notices, interim rules, corrections, drafts of final rules, and final rules. But in making its assessment that the agency’s regulations under Obama total nearly 28,000 pages, CNS News took into account only the final EPA rules.

For comparison, the Gutenberg Bible contains 1,282 pages.

CNS News estimated the number of words in the new final regulations by calculating an approximate average of 1,000 words per page. The results: The new final regulations under Obama total about 27,854,000 words.

The Gutenberg Bible has 646,128 words, so the new EPA regulations issued by the Obama administration now contain about 21 times as many pages and 43 times as many words as the Bible.

The new regulations also contain 25 times as many words as the 1,084,170 words in the entire Harry Potter series, which consists of seven books.

Observers have criticized the EPA — which has more than 16,000 full-time employees and an annual budget of about $8 billion — for overzealous rule-making.

“The broader question of whether the Obama administration’s EPA is ‘overreaching’ in its regulatory effects has not gone away,” the Congressional Research Service states in a report. “Critics both in Congress and outside of it regularly accuse the agency of overkill.”

In early December, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona released a report citing more than a dozen examples of “wasteful grants and egregious spending” by the EPA in a “mission creep” to “expand its regulatory reach.”

We must rein in this government – whether it is the EPA, IRS, or any government bureaucracy.



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