This is a good example of what is going on behind the backs of parents.  I just ask one favor,  please keep up with what is going on in the schools if you have a child in the public schools.
Calif. parents outraged over high school’s sex ed class
Concerned about Planned Parenthood

Parents Fighting Back Against “Purple Penguin” Gender Training Materials in Schools

By Rusty Weiss
Headline Politics ran a story a few months ago about a Nebraska school district encouraging teachers at a middle school to abandon any reference to children as either ‘boys’ or ‘girls,’ because they deemed it too insensitive for those of presumably other genders. Instead, they asked teachers to refer to their students as “campers” or “purple penguins.”

The “purple penguins” section can be seen above.

Fast forward a couple of months later, those same gender identity training handouts have shown up in Northern California, complete with a diagram of a “genderbread person” to teach children about gender identity, and an actual sex checklist to help 13-year-olds determine if they are ready for sex. The checklist offers advice on how to get consent for sex by asking questions such as “Is it OK if I take my pants off?”

Parents are, predictably and understandably, pretty upset about it, and have called on legal counsel to help fight back against these groups.

These groups “should be no more welcome on a local school campus than the local pervert wrapped in a raincoat.”

One woman, Rachel Terry, is fighting back in Nebraska by running for the school board. Terry encouraged others to do the same thing, saying “Parents around the country need to unite to take our public schools back from the advocacy groups that have infiltrated them.”

She added, “it’s clear that advocacy groups have infiltrated the system.”

“Teacher training time should be spent focused on academics, not spent on long discussions about sexuality and gender identity.”

Terry has started a crowdfunding effort to raise money for her school board campaign, and to fight back against these advocacy groups.

Do you think parents need to start fighting back against extreme liberal groups infiltrating our children’s schools?

Following are some comments are this matter:

My God YES! Bravo Rachel Terry for your mission to take back from these demons, not only the curriculum and the coherence but also the mission to take back your CHILDREN! America, this is all wrong and growing like cancer, and the target is your child! Does America have the courage to fight and defeat these Obama driven concepts to rid all humans of identity, faith and freedoms on a systematically evil nonstop basis like never before experiences on earth! Americans who love their children must get ready to fight as do all Americans to save this country and world. EVIL is in position of power and will be ready to fight us with everything they have to destroy what is and has been sacred AND NECESSARY for our survival and salvation! American parents must set their sights on these issues and defeat them NOW!

Thank you Rachel if we as a country don’t pull together our children are gonna be left with nothing, so I’m impressed and will share this, as a mother I’m furious at these ridicules ideals from people who obviously need God in there life and don’t want to hear about God, but my life would be a mess without him, United we Stand

Home school  your children or send them to a private school and you won’t have such issues in their lives.


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