Shortly, New York will bury the second policeman, Wenjian Liu,  who is dead at the hands of an assassin who executed him as he sat in his patrol car eating lunch –  while working an overtime shift.

This is a sad day for America.  Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Mayor de Blasio are all implicated in stirring up hatred for the police and all have issued mealy-mouthed pious declarations of their grief.  It will not be enough.  President Obama, enjoying himself in Hawaii, will have to interrupt his vacation and make a strong statement.  What he says will have a strong  influence on the future of race relations.   It is a time for these liberals to rethink their position.

There can be no question that this was a political assassination.  It happened after marchers in Brooklyn, the same borough where the officers were assassinated, chanted, “What do we want?  Dead Cops!”

So what is next for these socialist liberal leaders?




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