FIVE TIMES SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS HAVE TRIED TO RUIN CHRISTMAS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  But the American people decided they have had enough and are fighting back!


Surveys indicate that conservatives are vastly happier than their liberal counterparts. It’s probably a motivating factor in why Democrats spend their careers trying to control the lives of others, making people ostensibly dependent and miserable in the process.

It stands to reason that come holiday time, when emotions tend to be amplified, miserable liberals would be at their worst.

Here are 5 times that libs have gone out of their way to ruin Christmas for everybody else

– Senior Apartment Complex Bans Christmas Trees

A senior apartment complex in Newhall, California banned their resident’s community hall Christmas tree because it was um … a reminder that some people do still celebrate religious holidays.

Residents in a Newhall senior apartment complex are protesting an order from management to remove their beloved Christmas tree from the community room because, they were told, it’s a religious symbol.

On Tuesday, Tarzana-based JB Partners Group Inc. sent a memo to staff at The Willows senior apartment building demanding they take down Christmas trees and menorahs in communal areas.

– Army Advises Soldiers Not To Say Christmas

Last Christmas, an Equal Opportunity Officer from the Army advised soldiers not to say the word ‘Christmas.’

Two weeks ago, a routine meeting was held at the Mississippi base with various leaders of the 158th Infantry Brigade. During the meeting, they discussed an upcoming Christmas football tournament. The equal opportunity officer immediately objected to the usage of the word “Christmas.”

“Our equal opportunity representative stopped the briefing and told us that we can’t say Christmas,” the soldier told me. “Almost the entire room blew up. Everybody was frustrated. The equal opportunity rep told our commander that not everyone celebrates Christmas and we couldn’t say Christmas celebration. It had to be holiday celebration.”

The soldier said there was a brief, but heated discussion about political correctness.

– Obamacare Advocates Release Ad Featuring Half-Naked Men

Apparently, Obamacare shills felt the only way to get their message through to the LGBT community is to show half-naked men in blatantly suggestive imagery.

No, we’re not kidding …

– School Somehow Cuts Religious References In Silent Night

Popular Christmas song Silent Night was written by a young Roman Catholic priest by the name of Joseph Mohr. The song was first performed on Christmas Eve at St. Nicholas Church in Oberndorf, Austria. The song is about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Despite these religious facts, a school in Long Island decided to remove references to Jesus Christ from the song for a 5th Grade choir concert to “avoid offending non-Christians.”

The song “Silent Night” is at the heart of a concert controversy on Long Island.

Kings Park school officials removed several religious references, including “Holy infant” and “Christ the Savior,” from the popular Christmas carol before a student concert last week, WCBS 880′s Mike Xirinachs reported.

The intent was to avoid offending non-Christians, but the change left others upset.

– Atheists Hammer School For Bringing Kids to See ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

An elementary school in Little Rock, Arkansas, had the audacity to bring their students to a church performance of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” An uproar was caused by a parent or two who took umbrage to the religious content and religious venue for the play. Even though the school offered parents a chance to opt their child out of the field trip if they so desired, somebody wasn’t content with the option, and instead contacted an atheist group.

And since atheist groups had nothing better to do than ruin holidays for children, they made their complaints heard.

An Arkansas church has canceled its matinee performances of a “A Charlie Brown Christmas” after receiving complaints from an atheist group.  Agape Church in Little Rock said it has decided to cancel the play, based on the popular television special, after receiving complaints from the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers. The group opposed the decision of first and second grade teachers at Terry Elementary School to take students to the performance at the church.

The pastor at the church, Happy Caldwell, said the outrage has forced him to cancel the matinee performance because “it is not our desire to put hard working, sacrificial teachers and cast members in harm’s way.”  With that last item in mind, we’d like to return the favor and ruin Christmas for liberals.

Here is a video clip of easily the most offensive portion of A Charlie Brown Christmas in liberal or atheist eyes – Linus, quoting scripture in an attempt to quantify the true meaning of Christmas.

The Conservatives are  fighting back on all corners of the world.  We must stand up to these Socialists now.  You have a right to have your way just like they feel they have a right for you to not have  your way!  Onward Christian soldiers!


Following are comments for and against Christmas to give everyone a perspective of our country.

December 23, 2014 at 12:20 pm

Liberals ruin everything they touch, why should Christmas be any different. Anyway, if certain people are offended by Christmas and Christianity there are plenty of places for them to go, let them go there, the sooner the better, and thus avoid being offended. Merry Christmas!


Liberals are miserable people who live miserable lives and want everybody to be as miserable as they are. Honestly, I have never seen a happy liberal.

Well you just got a reply from one. Your comment is so ignorant I don’t know where to start. So I won’t, LMAO, just so you know, I am quite happy, I work, and I’m married, and I’m American, oh, and I’m a Liberal, what more can I ask for? Contrary to the bubble you live in, we lead very normal and happy lives, and I think that’s what’s bugging you the most. What you perceive about Liberals is so far out in left field, it’s just ridiculous. Do you think you’ll ever wake up to the truth, and accept people for what they are, or will you always believe that if someone doesn’t believe what you believe or look the way you look, then they are miserable and not worthy to live in America? LMAO, you are pathetic, that’s all I have to say. Merry Christmas.

I’m a liberal athetist, a lot because of people like you. Worked 58 years, on SS and a small pension and happy as a clam. You sir can bite me! Merry Christmas

You really actually in truth have no idea if this was republicans communists liberals conservatives independents gays straights or just people who are way to PC. AS THE ONE IS IN MISSISSIPPI probably pretty safe to name that one as conservatives.

However, the chances of any of these affecting you or having an effect on your Xmas is NIL.

I am astounded at this article. THIS is what is actually happening to our country, and we sit by and allow it.. Seniors cannot have a Christmas TREE? Half naked gay guys in an ad promoting Obamacare? Kids can’t watch a ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ because one person complained… This is what happens when you kowtow to certain cultures and groups, the PC crowd, and a stupid government that allows this ridiculousness to grow. Pretty soon we will be a nation of total robots, programed by our ‘diverse atheist government’ !

MISS, you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. This nation is going down the toilet and the liberals are the ones making it happen ! If they never wake up and actually GRASP reality, may God have mercy on their souls, because their doings most CERTAINLY displease God………

It’s time for Christians to start fighting back and refusing to back down to these Communist demands If these atheists and non-Christians are going to be offended they should just have to live with it.

Why do they have the right to offend us to satisfy their atheist, Communist, LGBT’s ‘sensibilities’. I’m so sick of hearing about Christians backing down to these stupid demands:
Jesus said that if we are ashamed of Him on earth, He will be ashamed of us in Heaven.
We have God on our side, let’s start acting like us. He suffered, died and rose from the dead FOR US!

If you believe that, power to you. We’re not your enemy though. We like the spirit of Christmas as well

Ha ha…. You don’t even get the Linus speech! He says, Christmas is about “peace and good will to all men”. That’s it folks. Btw atheists and liberals don’t mind that speech or any Christian speech at all. You are free to pontificate all you like. We really could not possibly care less. Just leave me out of it.

If I ever had invisible friends that I talked to I would have given them up around age 4.

when does the smallest group of us tell us what ,when, and how we celebrate CHRISTMAS A FEDERAL HOLIDAY.

Jesus said, If you are ashamed of Me before your brethren, I will be ashamed of you before my Father. Those people better repent and sin no more, or they will be spending eternity in torment. This life on earth is temporary but the afterlife is forever. What you do and say here and the way you express your faith is what determines where you will spend eternity. Jesus will reward all the saints that are persecuted in His name. If you let atheists, or Muslims, or anyone else stop you from worshipping Jesus and God, then you are just as much a hypocrite as they are. You are blaspheming Jesus and God just as much as the atheists and Muslims. By the way Muslims, do not worship God, they worship a pagan god known as Allah. Allah is not God, because Allah rejects Jesus, and God will never reject Jesus. Muslims try to deceive you by equating Allah to God, but that is how Satan controls people and builds his power.

I do not belong to any of the Christian sects, Catholic, protestant, what have you. Nor am I a part of any of the other major faiths, Jewish, Islam, Buddhism, etc.

I suppose that, as a Pagan, I could be offended at Christianity for having usurped most of my religious symbols and dates for their own. But No, I’m Not.
I think that political correctness has run amok. It seems that everyone, nowadays, is taking umbrage at other’s religious beliefs.
I think it’s time to get a grip on ourselves.
This country was founded on the principle of religious freedom – not freedom from religion.
That said, I think we have to come to terms with a simple fact. The majority of our fellow citizens are Christians, of one kind or another. So why can’t we just let them enjoy this, one of their major religious festivities, in peace. Without worrying about all the nonsense I see so much of lately.
If you don’t want to celebrate Christmas, then don’t. If you don’t want your child to assist to some sort of Christmas themed festivity, show, whatever, then pull your child out – take him to visit a museum or something.
Why do we feel the need to spoil it for the majority? It seems like sour grapes because we’re in a minority, to me. On the other hand, if your beliefs require some other observance, you should be allowed to practice it, unencumbered. And you shouldn’t feel obliged to force it on other’s but, certainly, you should try to make them welcome to participate.
In other words, let’s try to practice some inclusiveness in our lives, which should also mean the right of others to enjoy the celebration of their particular faith. It’s not all about us, you know.

No one is stopping anyone from enjoying Christmas. It’s not about political correctness, it’s about our Constitution, we cannot allow religion into our government, for the simple reason that we do have freedom of religion, that means that all religions can practice what and how they like, we can’t have only Christian symbolism in public places, now can we have Jewish symbolism, or Budhist symbolism, or Muslim, or Shinto, or anything else. Nobody is picking on Christianity, you’re not the only ones who can’t force your religion on others, nobody else can either. But you cry as if you’re the only religion that matters, or exists, get over yourselves and go enjoy your Christmas without infringing on anyone else’s. Merry Christmas.

What I will never understand is why Atheists get so hot and bothered by something they don’t even believe exists! Just who are we hurting by putting up a Christmas tree or putting a nativity scene out on a public lawn. Political correctness is getting way out of control! Heaven forbid I should smile at someone and say Merry Christmas! They might have me arrested for daring to wish them a wonderful Christmas! You all sound just like Scrooge! Just stay out of our Christmas and we will stay out of whatever you’re celebrating, if anything. The Constitution does NOT say anything about a separation of church and state! We do not have freedom FROM religion, we have freedom OF religion. That means the government can’t say one word on how we celebrate religious holidays! We aren’t asking you to celebrate with us! Like I said, you sure get worked up overs something you don’t believe in!! If it’s not real, why does us believing bother you so much

Joe, are you for real ? You say no one is stopping anybody from enjoying Christmas ? Did you read the article Joe? No Christmas tree at the senior center, no Charlie Brown for the grade school, our own military can’t say Christmas. Stores only sell holiday cards and holiday trees, our schools no longer have Christmas vacation, it’s now winter break.In the spring, the holiday formerly known as Easter is now spring break. It’s everywhere Joe. Who is behind all this malice, Joe, if not liberals? OK, lets agree on this. Not all liberals are radicals but 99 % of radicals are liberals. Does any of this bother you ,Joe? Or do you support it with heart mind and vote ?

Probably because they strive for a theocracy

I am a Christian lady and I want you to know that I really appreciate your post. I wish everyone felt the way you do.I see no reason why everyone can’t just let everyone else either celebrate or not what they want to. I see no problem with everyone putting up symbols of their religion or lack of on the courthouse lawn. What I don’t understand is, why would they want to do it at Christmas? That takes away from their statement and doesn’t give it the recognition that it needs.Thank you for your thoughts on the subject.

Thank you! That is the very point I was trying to make.

Seriously, if you righty’s couldn’t whine about something, what would you do? I know, you’d make up something to whine about, and that’s just what you’re doing here. LOL. The truth is, you will never get the concept that religion doesn’t belong in government, not in any form. This is a free country, and that means that everyone should be treated equally, and the fact is, whether you won’t accept it or not, is that not everyone in this country is Christian, or even religious, so you don’t get to impose your religion on them, it’s that simple. I know, it just burns your asses so much doesn’t it? LOL. Look, you and your families and friends can celebrate Christmas all you want, nobody is stopping you, now that would be against the Constitution, but not allowing religious references in public places is the Constitutional thing to do. No matter how much you whine and stomp your feet, you aren’t going to be allowed to push your religion on others, it’s that simple. Having said that, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all of you, and good night.

What guides you Joe? What DO you believe? Do you believe in heaven and hell? How about Jesus, was he real or a fairy tail? There is no separation of church and state in the constitution.CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW ESTABLISHING A STATE RELIGION OR PREVENTING THE FREE EXERCISE THERE OF…So any law preventing a nativity scene display is unconstitutional. Any judge ordering a display taken down is violating his oath to uphold and defend the constitution. I’ll hold my breath waiting for your latest drivel.

Hey Joe, who says religion doesn’t belong in government, you? Your liberal buddies? Your marxist president? Well, Joe, if you could bring yourself to read our founding documents,( since you are a liberal, i’ll tell you what they are. The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, the Federalist Papers, and The Bill of Rights,{notice it’s not the bill of lefts} ) you would see for yourself that our founding fathers very much believed religion belonged in government. There are many references to God in those documents. In fact the very guiding principles in our government are based on a firm belief in God, and fear of eternal damnation is what keeps many people on the straight and narrow. So I ask you again, what are your guiding principles? What keeps you out of trouble? What determines your right and wrongs?

Equal doesn’t mean that we are all required to be the same. You need to go back and read the constitution and the founding documents because your facts are seriously in accurate.

Liberals are the most miserable people in the country. They want every one to follow what they want. The safest thing is to say to them Sei Heil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feastivus, For the rest of us. That old Seinfeld skit is still funny. Freedom in a free country is feeling free to celebrate anything you like without having to explain why. Personally I love Christmas time. Do atheists give gifts this time of year? Do they get days off to celebrate whatever it is they celebrate? It’s tough I know to show compassion for believers who defy atheist logic and want to celebrate their savior’s birth. The Christians are truly happy with their belief and the faithful will go to great lengths to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, visit the sick, and be extra charitable to the less fortunate. To truly give of themselves not just during a birthday celebration but all life long as the savior would have them do. If you hate an honest, hard working believer maybe you should reevaluate the direction your own life is taking and your own. beliefs.

Lets think this way for just a moment and if it make sense, the next time an atheist rears their unbelieving head, take dead aim. I don’t mean literally, I mean verbally and with actions. Whatever they are objecting to, make sure you are not intimidated and you respond in a manner to let them know that, and carry on with what ever plans were in place prior to their objection.

On Wednesday, two dozen residents in the 75-resident complex gathered in the lobby to place a neon green sign that read: “Please Save Our Tree.”

“We’re all angry. We want that tree,” said Fern Scheel, who has lived at the complex for nearly two years. “Where’s our freedom? This is ridiculous.”

Where in the article does it say the owners of the complex are liberal. It doesn’t. Fred says their all angry, but the original story said that only 24 out of 75 residents showed up at a meeting to protest. That’s not “all” Fred. That’s 31%.

The equal opportunity rep told our commander that not everyone celebrates Christmas and we couldn’t say Christmas celebration. It had to be holiday celebration.”

Yes as hard as it is for Christians to believe, there other religions. Go ahead and have a Christmas celebration. But also have a Jewish one, a Muslim one, and a Buddhist one.

Apparently, Obamacare shills felt the only way to get their message through to the LGBT community is to show half-naked men in blatantly suggestive imagery.

No more silent night. The intent was to avoid offending non-Christians, but the change left others upset.

There’s those pesky non-Christians again. Why can’t they celebrate Christmas like we do?

Canceling A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Okay … I might give you that one. It seems a little overboard. Who doesn’t like Charlie Brown? But the other four are dumber than a lump of coal.

Jeff, where does one start with some one like you. Conservatives respect every religion and their right in this country to express themselves freely. If Buddhists want to celebrate, go ahead. The Jewish community is also free to express their religious views, as are Christians, but in the eyes of progressives, the only way to be fair is if no religious expression is permitted. This really is only about silencing the Christian majority. All other religions are then just collateral damage in the liberal agenda of eliminating all references to God from our lives. Then, as more generations grow up with less religious influence the liberals can expand their strangle hold on society and all rights will then come from government or specifically, the democrat party.

Most people that celebrate ‘Christmas’, have no idea why they celebrate it, except for getting gifts. And, yes, I’m fixing to yell~THERE IS NOT NOW, NOR WAS THERE EVER, ANYTHING IN THE CONSTITUTION ABOUT SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. THAT’S A LIBERAL LIE! The Constitution says that the government cannot form a government religion, nor prefer one over the other. Except for Islam these days. ALL religions, or non religions are guaranteed the right to worship or not worship as they please. However, they do not have the right to stop those that they disagree with, their rights to their worship.

The problem isn’t that conservatives or other non liberals and non atheists aren’t open minded, because most of us are. The problem is liberals and atheists want to suppress any opinion does not agree with theirs. According to many of them, you are only being open minded if you hold the same views they do. These are the people that come unglued if someone expresses a different opinion or the belief than the one they hold. If theses people were truly open minded they would stop protesting everyone and everything that expresses opinions different from theirs.

Not that they would acknowledge it, but there is no where in the constitution that says anything about separation of church and state. What the constitution says is that the government cannot establish a religion or prevent the free excercise there of. Learn your history was based on Christian values and ideas. Go back and read some of our early founding documents such as the Mayflower Compact and writings of our Founding Fathers.
I don’t begrudge others their beliefs and opinions. I do however take issue when they do not show the same courtesy and try to suppress mine. No one is forcing you to attend Christmas celebrations and performances. Quit trying to prevent me and others from enjoying and participating in them. I mean it has reached the point of absurdity when store clerks can be chastised or lose their jobs for saying Merry Christmas. Really?!!! Get a life enjoy your beliefs but quit trying to deny others the rights you claim to cling to.




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