December 16, 2014


Were the protestors singing – New York, New York – when they were protesting?  Did they sleep in the city that never sleeps when marching?  Did they make it in New York this weekend?  Did they wake up New York and were they No. 1 on the heap as “King of the Hill” during the protesting?  Is New York a little town with blues that are melting away?  It is up to the Mayor and the protestors to try to put “Humpty Dumpty” back together again since the Mayor dumped on the city.

The protests in New York this past weekend were not a romp in the Park.  We have the Mayor of New York dividing the city – and why?  Did he want to gain the confidence of only one side of the equation?  He should know how to work with both sides with all of the good advice his wife could give him; but, he chose to split the city and has done a good job of it.   The protests this weekend turned bad when the people chanted – What do we want – DEAD COPS  – and to think one of the protestors was a PROFESSOR of ENGLISH with a sack full of hammers – who was arrested in the melee – this man should be FIRED and sent to jail.

Now the Mayor is complaining that the police do not want him attending functions for the police. Now I wonder why that is?  These are the people who protect this Mayor every day and he turns around and spits on them – just what did he expect?  Just what I would expect from a Progressive/Communist Mayor.

Just who were all of these Al Sharpton’s  paid marchers.  Did they have badges that would identify them and to what group did they belong – Soros’s paid group?  When will the news media start identifying these troublemakers?  Never – because they are a part of the group who are not  true Americans.  This is just a continuation of the Professor Gruber Obumer-care cover-up to get the American people’s mind off of Gruber telling the American people how stupid this administration thinks the American people are!  Undoubtedly they are not stupid at all – look how they threw all of the Democrat bums out of office when they found out and continue to find out what liars these Democrats  are and now that they realize what a terrible mistake they made in voting for these bums twice – duh!  Thank Goodness!


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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