December 11, 2014

They tell us this report that the Democrats have released costs millions of dollars for a bunch of crap.  We cannot dunk someone in water to try to get a one-up on the terrorists; but, yet,  we can go in any country anywhere and drive a wedge into an area and kill thousands of innocent people with a drone (permission given by the leader, only) to kill one person.  Now we are dumping all of these CIA people on the world stage as monsters by the same bunch of Democrats who approved all of these CIA tactics.  How will we separate the difference between the CIA and the LEADER for what the United Nations (UN) is calling crimes against humanity?  The UN needs to get their own glass house in order before they start throwing stones at the United States’ house because all of this noise the Democrats are making is nothing but bullshit – which they constantly seem to be shoveling.

This is not any different from when they were giving the soldiers rubber bullets and then  no bullets to protect themselves in a war theater.  This is just a continuation of the U.S. always having to live up to the Geneva Convention; but, yet, the natives that we are fighting can blow up anything, anywhere, and fight the war against the U.S. and kill thousands – and, we call them “heroes.”  It is hard to fight and win when you have the enemy within your own government.  A good example is when we try to go into a  hostile village and rescue our own – before we even arrive – someone within our own government alert the people as to what is going to take place.  This last time, two innocent people were killed. They said a dog was barking which alerted the terrorists.  They landed five miles away from the sight and the dog started barking?  HO-HUM!

December 10, 2014

Did every one get their crying towel out when you listened to Diane?  All of the destruction these terrorists committed in the country and this woman has sympathy for the terrorists by exposing the workings of the CIA.  This Democratic group that used all of the money to write this report did  not interview even one CIA official to agree with her cherry-picking.  She spelled out what tactics the CIA used to extract information from them.  She called out that they:

Stripped them naked and put them  in stressed position (wow, what a site to behold).  Did she shut her eyes and not looked at the naked men?  Then did not provide any sleep for 7.5 days by putting them in a dungeon and shackled them while exposing them to loud music and noises (was it the sound of evening prayers?).  No wonder they didn’t mind being in the dungeon.  Just review what she stated and she called torture – when we had airplanes crashing into buildings, killing thousands of mothers and fathers who won’t see their children grow up, and she has the nerve to take up for these terrorists.  She is a disgrace to this country.  She and her committee and party knew what was going in the CIA from the beginning and now she is trying to weasel out of the game to protect her party by exposing the game that was set up to catch the terrorists.

Now that she has had her moment on the stage, let’s talk about what this is all about.  This Democratic Muslim/Progressive Party is part of the Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, strategy of our dear leader.  Keep the country in turmoil and keep their minds on what is really going on in the back ground while these people are really doing their dirt to the American people.  Every month or week we have a new crisis – it was ebola, then Ferguson (the Justice Department), now New York and the cops, and now they are doing dirt on the CIA.  They have reduced and are reducing the military – so in the end – what is this administration really up to?  They lost the November election and know their jig is up!

December 9, 2014

In order to give more credibility to the Socialist Democrats, Diane Feinstein, a professed Democrat, and our leader are going to release, this morning, the report on how interrogations are conducted in the U.S.  The reasoning for this release is because of principle – according to the two.  And what kind of principle would you call this.  Remember what the Lord said, “vengeance is mine.”   When people in this group use the word “because of principle,”  then I have to  snicker.  The Democrats were given all of this information after 9/11 and now they seemed to have a loss of memory and don’t recall any of this information.

An example is water-boarding which is a technique used to extract information from the enemy.  I think I would rather be water-boarded than have my head cut off as the enemy does.  When your head  is cut off, this type of interrogation is called final.  Because of the November election, Feinstein will lose her chairmanship and it seems she wants to go out with a bang – by aiding and  abetting the enemy – by releasing this information.  This is reckless and irresponsible and is nothing but political theater.  There is nothing worse “than a woman scorned.”  It is sad that this administration and Feinstein have stooped to the level of loss of respect for herself to try to degrade the morale and diversion of effort and reduce the resources of our country.  May God deliver her from this evil spirit on the country she swore to uphold.


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