Garth Brooks recently expressed his full support for Barack Obama and his administration. Now, he’s just digging his hole a little deeper. The Grammy award winning country star cancelled his Thanksgiving appearance on The Tonight Show in order to show solidarity with the rioters of Ferguson, Missouri.

According to the local St. Louis Fox affiliate, “Singer Garth Brooks has cancelled a Thanksgiving appearance on NBC’s ‘Tonight’ show because he said it “seemed distasteful” given the reaction to the decision not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown this summer.”

The singer/songwriter took to his Facebook page writing that he would “gladly reschedule any or all appearances the networks will allow” and then ended his post with, “Love one another.”

I don’t know what is distasteful about a country singer, who has nothing to do with Ferguson or what happened, appearing on a television show, which has nothing to do with Ferguson or what happened.

Instead, The Tonight Show audience was treated to the antics of Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Colicchio.

While Brooks did appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, following the grand jury’s decision being made public, that appearance was pre-recorded. In addition to The Tonight Show, Brooks went on to cancel Live! With Kelly and Michael on Tuesday and Friday’s Today show.

Brooks is topping the charts with his comeback album Man Against Machine.

Now, I can hear people wondering how I can justify the title of him aligning himself with the rioters in Ferguson. Well, what was the response of the people of Ferguson who were calling for an indictment against Officer Darren Wilson? Was it not to riot and loot? Was it not to, in the words of Michael Brown’s step-father, “burn this b*tch down“? That is the solidarity Garth Brooks is affirming with this nonsense.

This is just another way to the American people’s attention away from the real criminals against the American people in Washington and to hinder justice from being done.

Though Rolling Stone said, “the machine certainly isn’t against him,” one wonders how Brooks and his album sales will do following this week’s promotion of Barack Obama and now this unlawful solidarity stand with the rioters of Ferguson. One shouldn’t be surprised at these actions coming from an unrepentant adulterer. After all, it seems Brooks does have “friends in low places.”

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.


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