How did we get to this point in America?  We will not beg to remain as a Christian nation.  We have the Constitution and the naysayers have nothing.  They use lawsuits and the threat of lawsuits to bully schools, colleges, local government, business, and individuals to comply with their view of America.  These institutions must stand up to all of these attacks whether it costs money are not.  Since the Obama administration came to power and instituted his radical agenda, we are facing wave after wave of attacks against our religious freedom.  This is all happening due to the influx of the Muslim Brotherhood and progressives into the Democratic Party and Administration and they have caused all of this mayhem.  Didn’t this Obama take an oath to “uphold the Constitution.”  Never before in the history of our nation has our own federal government taken such a blatant and aggressive role in attacking the values you and I hold dear.  Now that the voters have voted and instructed our leaders to change the direction of this country – we must hold Obama’s feet to the fire!


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