The Ebola nurse in Maine, who has defied the rules of the road, seems to have a grudge against the country.  She is so giving to the people of Africa; but, in her own country she doesn’t seem to give a damn about the people who are her neighbors.  Is it true she is an employee of the CDC?  If so, I can see why she is giving the officials the heave-ho!  Wonder how much she is being paid for this defiance for political purposes.

 Let’s see now, the rules for the Military is – the soldiers go to Africa and upon their return they are quarantined for 21 days just in case they pick up the virus.  Yet, a nurse who is in on the thick of the disease and actually is smothered in her gear and actually slathers around the disease – upon her return does not want to be confined for 21 days.

What makes this young lady so defiant!  If I were her neighbors, I would treat her like she had the plague.  This lady wants her 15 minutes of fame by defying policy and common sense!  

Our leader and the CDC doctors have sent confused messages to the public which is their normal thinking process to help out in the November, 2014 election which is par for the leader’s course.


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