October 28, 2014

Thank you New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, and the Military  for taking the first sensible steps on the Ebola political White House football.  It seems the White House kicked off this Ebola football and then immediately fumbled it.  The White House continues to have wet noodle rules that state, “if we have this 21-day hibernation for the people who go to Africa and work to stop the disease – they won’t go and help.  That again is just a bunch of hog- wash and we all know it.  If the Military can be isolated for 21 days – the citizens should also have some law and order.  As we all know, this leader just doesn’t know what law and order is because he has never lived under that rule of thumb!  I just hope more states fall in line to protect their people instead of floundering around like a bunch of fish on a chief’s butcher block.

October 26, 2014

The first rule of order is that the leader is supposed to protect the whole country.  In the Ebola fight since our leader feels he doesn’t want to protect the people in this country, it is up to each state to take the necessary steps . The medical people who are going to help fight Ebola in Africa have to understand that upon their return they must stay in quarantine for 21 days to be sure they are not carrying the disease back with them.  This only makes common sense.  Example is our doctor who returned free of temperature but days later was carrying  the virus after moving about the city.  Sure it is an inconvenience to be held up for 21 days; but, that is part of the price you pay to keep the country safe and Ebola free.  Yes, it is their decision to put  themselves in harm’s way by going over and helping in Africa; but, at the same time they should not put every American in harm’s way by not being quarantined.  In one sense they are being brave by going over there; but, in the next sense, they are being very selfish by thinking they are special and won’t bring back the disease to the U.S.  They are not being treated as criminals on their return.  They are only being treated with common sense to protect them and the people of this country.  They need to stop being so selfish in the end!


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