Democrats come in all shapes and sizes; and, if they can’t win as a Democrat or Republican, they will run as an Independent. We have one, Greg Orman, who is running as an Independent against Pat Roberts, Republican, in Kansas. In 2008, Orman, as a Democrat, ran against Senator Pat Roberts and lost; but, now he says he is neither a Democrat or Republican.  This time he is running as an Independent.    

Recently, there was a fundraiser in New York for Orman, which was sponsored in part by big-Democrat donors.  So it looks like Orman could not win as a Democrat so he is  running as an Independent against Roberts claiming values which sound like a Republican at the same time.  In fact, he is so intertwined with Democrats, at the last-minute, the Kansas Democrats forced their own candidate, Chad Taylor, to withdraw from the Senate race.  So Orman running as an Independent leads one to consider the Orman campaign a fraud.  The Weekly Standard called him a, “vacuous cipher.”  A cipher suggests he has no position or nothing to say!  How can you be a Democrat and then all of a sudden have a completely different state of mind and be an Independent?  

Same thing is happening in Florida with Charlie Crist, Republican turned Democrat.   If you are a Democrat you have certain values and if you are a Republican, you do the same.  Greg Orman is running as an Independent so that he can go both ways which really messes up the whole voting process because he doesn’t really stand for anything.  In his debate, he tried to give the people his ideas were Republican leaning which is just to get the people’s vote.  So, all of you Kansas and Florida  voters  “buyer beware.”   Be sure and give this guy and Charlie Crist the elephant test which is:

It is difficult to describe, but you know a Democrat when you see one.  The test implies that a person can identify as an unknown subject by observing that subjects past actions and characteristics.  The argument is that Charlie Crist and  Greg Orman are not what they appear to be.  

So be sure before you vote that you know where these two people really stand.  As you know, we have a lot of rhinos in the Congress and Senate which has caused all of the upheaval in our government.  Since both of these guys stand for nothing, they will fall for anything.

November 2, 2014

Do you see these two candidates, the one on the right is the fellow who purposes to be an Independent in Democrat sheep’s clothing.  So when you go to pull that lever – he is the one that splits hairs and tells us he will vote with the winning party – that should tell you something right there.  All of his campaigning was supported and mostly paid by the Dem’s since they ran their candidate out on a rail.




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