The Sun Looks Uncannily Like A Jack-O-Lantern, Just In Time For Halloween

halloween sun

Do you believe in ghosts?  Who knows if they are true!  Many sites in all towns have ghost stories attached to them.  Some I have read and heard about:  

There is an old theater building which once housed offices and shops on its second floor, including a jeweler who died in his little shop, People have claimed to hear the tapping of a small jeweler’s hammer near the spot his workbench stood.

For many years a military university has experienced seeing a young cadet in military uniform, appearing, salutes, and then disappears.  He has been known to open doors for students at the university.

It seems the courthouse is the spot of two stories:  The first involves a young couple who argued on the courthouse square back in the late 1800’s.  Their disagreement turned deadly when the jealous young man shot and killed the woman, then turned the gun on himself.  Some say on  moonless nights you can see the pair in the shadows, and hear them still yelling at each other, their fight never-ending.  

The second story involves what was the county jail.  Looking at the front of the courthouse, you will notice a basement, two stories, and then a smaller third story at the top of the older part of the building.  That third story was the county jail at one time.  People say it is creepy even in the daylight.  County employees felt the old jail was haunted by an inmate who died in custody years ago.  Some report the room has many strange noises – like keys turning a lock, or metal banging against the old steel bars.

 More stories to come!




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