David Axelrod and Joe Scarborough’s heated debate over Obama’s handling of Ebola on NBC’S “Meet the Press,” last Sunday gave America another look at this guy, Axelrod, who gave us our current leader.  So why should the American people trust Axelrod.  Look what he has done to our country.  Joe certainly told us what some of us are thinking and that is what has happened in Dallas, what happened with the Secret Service lieing about the hookers, what happened with the VA, what happened with ISIS being a JV team, what happened in Benghazi, and now they tell Americans to relax.  The trust was broken  when the Benghazi attack happened and so many people in the Democratic Socialist party lied to the whole world.  

This is a public health issue and should be treated as such.  We currently have people in Africa helping with Ebola.  We must keep the Ebola in Africa and let it burn itself out there because with every person that enters the area there is a chance that he/she will catch Ebola and when they return to the U.S. means bringing it back into the country.  Why can’t we stop the international travelers from entering into our country like France and Great Britain because they know if they come in and need to be treated they will have a better chance of survival in America than if they stayed in Africa.  So they are going to lie just to get here just like Duncan.  He knew he had been infected by carrying this women who died.  Our leader curtailed all of the flights to Israel during the Hamas/Israel bombings – so why can’t he do the same here.  The more people we let come into America the more cases of Ebola we are going to have here.

Why are we sending  American soldiers to Africa because it is NATO’s job when there is a world problem of this type?  Our leader will not authorize any boots on the ground in Syria – so what is the difference in putting boots on the ground in Africa – there is just as much risk – if  not more?  If anyone needs to go to Africa to assist the workers, then it should be by military transport rather than commercial flights due to the lack of experience with Ebola to know who is going in and out.  It is the CDC’s job to have these vaccines available and they are not making it available due to the cost.  

Every day on TV we see all of these advertisements 24/7 about medications that are available from pharmaceutical companies; but, when it comes down to the serious stuff, they don’t have it available because they don’t use enough of it, it does  not pay for itself, and the profit is not big enough.  Why did this hospital fail to recognize Duncan’s symptoms on his first visit if the CDC had passed on the information for this virus?   Didn’t the leader and the administration say there would be no Ebola in the U.S.?

Now what about this new virus, Enterovirus D-68, that is attacking young children?  Why aren’t we being informed in regards to this virus?  Is there a vaccine for this virus?  


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