October 6, 2014

Why did they bring the first group into Atlanta, GA, to treat the Ebola?  Since our government is so good at setting up a triage –  why wasn’t that done in Africa and leave everyone over there?  Then we have this patient in Dallas, TX, who lied to get into the country and knew he was exposed to Ebola.  The CDC Director says they will do a better job at the airport; but, what will keep people from lieing just to get into the country to be better treated because they know they will not get as good treatment in Africa in comparison to the U.S.  So how many more people will get in through lieing once they are exposed to Ebola?  Now they are going to bring the NBC reporter into Nebraska. Understand the doctor who was working in Africa and came down with Ebola and was brought into Atlanta. He was treated and released and the media states he is back in the hospital with “pink eye.”  It looks like they would at least keep it in Atlanta instead of spreading it all over the U.S.?  Or is this leader an “equal opportunity” employer?  Didn’t the leader say he was going to lead from behind?  Behind what?  The fact that they will not shut down the flights into Africa tells me they are asking for trouble. The leader stated they cannot shut down the flights because it would isolate Africa.  What about shutting down the flights and use military transports to haul people back and forth? Why did our leader chose our country to step up and help these people on our soil?  So many questions and so few answers!

October 5, 2014

The question I have is – who paid for Thomas Duncan’s ticket to the U.S.?  This ticket is not cheap.    Did he put it on his credit card?  When did he apply for a visa and how long did it take for him to get it?   It  normally takes at least three months.  He lied on his form that he did not have any contact with anyone who had Ebola.  What punishment will he receive,  if he survives, for knowingly bringing Ebola into this country?   Since the government will not refuse to stop people from entering into our country  from that area then the airline should take it upon themselves to protect themselves from lawsuits.    Isn’t it strange that Great Britain and France have stopped all flights leaving or entering into their countries.  But yet, the U.S. isn’t because it will hurt the economy.  Looking through the lens  at the lack of confidence in this administrative from a conspiracy standpoint who set up this man to bring this into the country?  More questions need to be asked!  Is this our October surprise?


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