It looks like the far left of the Democratic party does have a war on women  and didn’t even know it.  It seems like some members of their party are trying to silently oust Ruth Bader Ginsburg and keep digging on her that they want her OUT of the Supreme Court.  That it is time for her to retire.  Ruth happens to be of the Jewish faith and these Muslims in the Democratic party are the ones who did not want God in their platform and now just look at them.  And they want to replace her with a man!  Now isn’t that the party that continues to bark that the Republicans have a war on women going.  Isn’t that what their party leader, Wasserman Schultz, keeps barking?  Well it looks like that shoe that they have been trying to put on the Republicans has somehow been slipped on their own feet and you know what, they have found out – that it fits. How about that?  Now aren’t they being anti-semitic?  The definition of anti-Semitism is a prejudice against, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews as a national, ethnic, religious overtones.


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