It is unbelievable that the news media is still fawning over the story about the guy that jumped over the fence at the White House, the dogs weren’t sent out in order to be compassionate, the front door was unlocked to welcome the fence jumper, no alarm went off in the house, and the fellow even took a stroll all the way to the East Room before he was apprehended.  All the while the leader and his family were out-of-town at Camp David.    

Then the next story which was just released –  there was an armed contractor with a criminal record and a gun who was on an elevator at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA, riding the elevator with Obama and his protective services.  It seems the contractor wanted to take a selfie with the leader and the agents asked him to stop.  After checking the data base,  his criminal record just happened to show up  – after the fact!  

Yes, that is the way the game is played.  How many days has the news media been chewing on these two stories.  When you get in hot water you change the narrative.  You would think as many times the media and public has been thrown off and fooled that they would wise up.  This White House seems to be very good at this game of changing the narrative.  So today, instead of talking about the beheading in Oklahoma  and our war with ISIS – the topic was not Watergate but the break-in at White Housegate.  I just know that sooner or later they are going to write a book called, “The Politics of Forecasting called:  Managing the Truth.”



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