How many years have the Arab nations been fighting each other?  Many  years and many different wars!  Now NATO forces have agreed to take on the terrorists not the extremists as the Associated Press calls them.  They have gone beyond being extremists.  The Head of the Arab League is urging its members to confront these murders, militarily and politically, by issuing a call to arms.  The 22-country league would provide crucial support across the Middle East and this would assemble an international coalition against these barbaric murderers. It was stated that a clear and firm decision for a comprehensive confrontation with these cancerous and terrorists groups is necessary.  

In the meantime, Obama will meet with Congressional leaders and outline America’s  plan and hopefully let Congress put in their two cents.  The Associated Press keeps referring to the war-weary American public.  The Americans might be war-weary; but, it is more from the rules of engagement that is thrust on our soldiers, whereby in the past they were not able to fight but only contain these people.  It is now time to put the pedal to the metal and leave them in the dust once and for all.


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