Today is a good day to start holding parents responsible when their teenage children are part of a mob attacking people in public.  This brutal attack happened in Memphis, Tennessee, in a Kroger grocery store parking lot. According to the police blotter, three people were jumped by a large group of teenagers who were chanting, “fam mob.”  The group first attacked a 25-year old customer as he left his car to enter Kroger’s.  Two employees were attacked while trying to stop the fight.  Both were struck several times in the head and face while being knocked to the ground.  The victims say large pumpkins were thrown at their heads. They both were eventually knocked unconscious.  Where was the parking lot security?

The police are identifying the youths from surveillance tapes and “we will work tirelessly to identify, locate, and hold them accountable.   Last night’s events clearly demonstrates a lack of parental controls and if warranted these parents will also be held accountable.”  Good for this chief by making the parents accountable – it is about time.  Until that is done –  nothing will slow these “fam mobs” down.  It is time to hit the pocketbooks of these parents!  In addition, the teenagers or whoever was involved – their punishment should be in addition to the jail time and monetary fines is to wear signs on their bodies marching for six months or a year, every day, in the Kroger parking lot stating, “I was an attacker and hurt people in this Kroger parking lot. Shame! Shame on Me.” The public has to expose these people for what they are – animals!


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