In sports broadcasting, a commentator gives a running commentary of a game or event in real-time, usually during a live broadcast.  The play-by-play announcers are the primary speakers, valued for their articulateness and ability to describe the events of an often fast-moving contest.  These commentators are valued for experience and insight into the game.  They often have gained their experience in the sport as a player and/or coach.  Two of these ESPN announcers are former players – Boomer Esiason, who was a second round quarterback pick/38th/overall and who played for the Cincinnati Bengals and Merril Hoge, who was a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers and was picked in the 10th round/261st overall pick.  He is  noted for his Windsor little tie knots.

Both are now sports analyst for ESPN and are having a hard time dealing with Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M being drafted in the first round as one of the quarterbacks for the Cleveland Browns.  There has to be more behind their personal attacks since they are not talking about the statistics of this player. Could it be sour grapes?   Boomer stated, “He isn’t worthy of a first round pick, looked lost during the preseason, and doesn’t belong on the field in Sunday’s opener against the Steelers.”   Even so, Boomer makes it clear he doesn’t believe Manziel should be the Brown’s starter.  “I am telling you right now, he is not even remotely close to being ready.  If he opens as the starting quarterback in Pittsburgh in week one, he will get his a$$ kicked. And his a$$ will be driven into the ground.  Because I am telling you, other teams hate this guy.  Hate him!”  Really, if he just arrived, how could that be true? 

Hoge took his condemnation even further calling Manziel, “a juvenile punk.”   “He has no business on the field right now.  This is the one thing that  probably burns me more about the league, the NFL, than anything when a player like Johnny Manziel, is drafted based on hype and excitement not true football skill.  He really had no business being drafted in the first round.”  

Why is this young man receiving so much criticism and attention?  It is not the first time Manziel has been subjected to this type of  negativity.  It seems Hoge’s remarks seemed more personal.  I do not see either analyst discussing his statistics as a football player.  Wouldn’t you think they would bring this into the mix with all of this controversy they are ginning up?  

Yes, this young man has made some mistakes like off-season partying, if you call that a mistake.  Isn’t your off-season your time?  And Manziel’s decision to respond to the Redskin’s taunting by responding in kind with an obscene gesture which was  unbecoming of an NFL quarterback.  Sure this does not sit well when you are on the receiving end; but, if the truth were known, these fans probably felt at home receiving such a welcoming sign in return.  Oh! we talk about being poised and being focused – that you have to be able to maintain your poise – that is a big part of all football players, especially the quarterback who has to keep his composure.  But in the end, all of that will come with time if this young man is given a chance.  This young man has been taking more hits off the field than on the field.  My advice to these would-be analyst who are doing a lot of ragging only makes themselves look unprofessional!  If you are doing this ragging to motivate this young man – undoubtedly you don’t know much about Texas A&M, the students or the creed of this school.

 Creed | Texas A&M Iron Spikes


I nspiring others to strive for excellence
R ealizing that I am a man of my word
O ffering to help others, even without request
N ever sacrificing my integrity for personal gain
S triving to be a better person today than I was yesterday
P reserving the precious reputation of my organization
I nitiating change to improve my school, organization, and
K nowing the history, vision, and values of the Spikes
E xhibiting the true spirit of the university
S ecuring my commitment to these virtues, for I am an Iron Spike

Both of you owe this young man an apology and a wait and see attitude.  I am sure that when you were his age and were drafted you probably thought you were also something special and  you would have appreciated someone taking you under their wing with an act of kindness.



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