How did we get our country into this undeclared war in the Middle East?  We got into this war because these imbeciles attacked our country many times all over the world. The administration keeps telling us “we are at war in the Middle East” but no one actually makes a declaration.  Our Marine Nick Powers on the Fox’s Kelly File last night blasted the ISIS group.  It is mighty powerful to have someone stand up for our country and let this ISIS group know where we stand in their regard.  

The only thing that angers the American people is that the government keeps the American soldiers, “bound by the rules of engagement;” but, yet, the opposition can do anything they damn well please – i.e., cut the heads of anyone.  Where is the World Court and why haven’t they slapped these countries with crimes against humanity and put bounties on the heads of these leaders?  With bounties on the heads of these terrorists leaders, they would be turned in for the money and save the lives of many people.  

If the World Court won’t make this move, then let the U.S. put bounties on the leaders’  heads and see how long they last.  It is time to do something different since our soldiers have had their hands tied behind their back ever since the Viet Nam War.



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