The main street media has been so busy with Ferguson, MO, they have not had time to report a serial Muslim homegrown terrorist killer who roamed the country on a killing spree that left four dead. The four identified as: Leroy Henderson in Seattle in April; Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young in Seattle on June 1, and college student Brendan Tevlin in Essex county, New Jersey on June 25. Ballistics and other evidence linked all of the victims to Brown.  

Why hasn’t a march been set up against this Jihadi serial killer who proclaimed vengeance on behalf of aggrieved Muslims  in the Middle East?   How many more times will we have a Fort Hood crime spree in our country that the government will admit that this is a war on terror instead of “work place violence?”  (Oh, we must not say war on terror because it is not politically correct.  Says who – now we must say that – instead of being political cowards.)  My guess will be when someone is killed in the halls of the White House or the Senate or Congress!  The Muslim who committed these crimes name is Ali Muhammad Brown.  

It has been documented that Seattle, Washington, has been a hotbed of anti-American, anti-Semitic jihadism. Brown was arrested ten years ago as part of Muhaimin’s suspected terror-financing ring.   Ten years later, despite being on the feds’ radar screen, four innocent men are dead because of this hater. These people are living and working among us, embedded in the local mosques, and especially in our government and military.  When will our government start rooting out these militants?


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