As has been stated, “the grease always rises to the surface.”  An Arab Bank has been accused of helping Hamas suicide bombers.  It has been ten years in the making and will go to trial this week in New York.  A shocking discovery has been made in that a formalized network in which Mideast charities solicited funds to reward the families of Hamas suicide bombers through this bank! This lawsuit interest has been raised due to the present war between Hamas and Israel.    The terrorists’  victims are going after the attackers by going after the Arab bank that handled the money.   The Arab bank’s  headquarters are in Amman, Jordan.  It seems there were cash rewards for the families’ “Martyrs.”  The first attack was in Jerusalem in which a female suicide bomber detonated a 22-pound bomb stashed in her backpack.  The explosion killed two people and wounded 150 others.  

The documents which were obtained through discovery reveal an intricate system set up to reward the family and other so-called Palestinian “martyrs.” The network included a charity called the Saudi Committee for the Support of the Intifada al-Quds, which advertised throughout the West Bank and Gaza asking people to contribute to the families of suicide bombers.  What a way to raise a child and inspire her or him to be suicide bomber?  These people could not be humans to think death is more important than life.  Is that why they have a child to begin with to raise them to die for “blood money” – so that you can receive this money and live well from the death of your child?    The lawsuit states that the family received $5,316 for the young girl to perform this service for Hamas.  That is a large amount of money for the average income per person in the West Bank and Gaza.  How barbaric!  Is that what their religion preaches?


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