Golf was important in our family throughout the years.  Both of my young brothers were serious golfers.  They roamed the country each weekend playing in tournaments.  Golf lessons came to me as a result of babysitting for the professional’s family.  Instead of pay, lessons were given. My first set of clubs were given to me by my brothers as a birthday gift.  But the language of golf like hooks and slices, etc., sounded more like you were talking about sewing and food.  

I have made a hole in one which was very exciting.  It was a Par-3 hole. As you might suspect we looked for the ball and could not locate it – all the while it was in the hole.  Surprise, surprise.  I walked off the green and announced, I have mastered the game of golf because of my hole in one.  Boy, was I fooled. This is a  mind game of all mind games.  If you beat up on yourself when you do something wrong you might as well forget the next hole and go home. When you approach the first tee box you try to concentrate and do all of the right things and sometimes the ball has a mind of its own, so I say.  It wasn’t anything I did!.  I had every thing positioned just right, except I looked up to see where the ball was going instead of focusing on the ball – which is a no-no. The secret to a good game of golf in my eyes is to have fun playing and don’t take it too seriously unless you are a professional and your livelihood depends on it.

Our son played golf instead of football even though he made the varsity football team. One day out of the clear blue sky, he decided that “he would rather use his brain for something more positive which was golf instead of the physical torture that was received on the football field.”  Which made sense to me as a mother hen.  He had the talent necessary to be successful, finished high school with a scholarship to two universities and then on to becoming a professional golfer.  He also was lucky to be on the Asian tour which is quite different because you play mostly on sand rather than grass.  The hard part for a professional golfer is the travel.   

But going back to the game of golf,  my husband and I both play although in the last years it has been less frequent because of the hot weather.  We have played at a lot of courses; but, the two that stick in my mind is the course at Cloudcroft, New Mexico, where the elevation is 8,600 feet –  you are teeing off and cannot see the green. You have to ring a bell at one of the tee boxes to alert that you are about to tee off in case there is a group of players in front of you.  The air is so light the ball just flies through the air – that I like.  The other was in Denali National Park in Alaska.  It was so cold that when I tee’d off the strength of the hit lifted me off my feet and you know the rest of the story.  But you know what, they did give us a golf ball that stated “you played golf  in Denali Park” and were served a cup of hot chocolate at the club house.  I just know the next time I play, who knows, I might make another hole in one.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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