Every day the news media pulls out their harp and plays the same song.  They always seem to have in their hip pocket numbers from the past ten years.   When the leaders numbers are hitting rock bottom because of his lack of leadership, they always pull out the polls on a past leader’s and Congress’ poll numbers to make some folks feel better.

For example – CNN on any given day will report –   The leader’s poll numbers this morning  are –  27 percent of the people disapprove of the leaders handling of a given circumstance; but, don’t forget  –  back in 2001, another leader’s  poll numbers were 27 percent and don’t forget Congress’ low poll numbers.

 But, I never hear anyone say anything about the Senate, i.e., Harry Reid.  It seems that Reid is always the hold-up on all bills from coming to the Senate floor.  How is one person (Reid) able to control all of the others?  In other words there are three steps to the process, i.e., Congress creates and passes, Senate should pass but never even gets to the floor for a vote, and then should go to the leader for passing.  Reid is the one that is the spoiler and nothing gets passed because he is shielding the leader.  I hope the next time we have a poll that the poll people will do a better job of dividing the spoils.  

The problem with our country is that we have two people (Obama and Reid) controlling the mechanics of the country.  We certainly need to rethink the process because no two people should have that much power with that “monkey wrench.”  The Congress have passed bill after bill – somewhere around over 300 bills.  So, why don’t we do a better job of parsing the words that are spoken about polls.  Such a farce!


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