Now Megan Kelly, you  need to take a re-look at your show last night, especially with the Ambassador to Israel.  In peeling off the layers of destruction that was going on both sides,  you never addressed Hamas’ role in this sequence of events.  I know, you mentioned the missiles in the United Nation’s (UN) schools several times; but, you never addressed – what could Hamas do to make things different and slow down the killing of these children.  Only what Israel could do!  You seem to continuously blame Israel.  Next time, address the whole issue with suggestions from Israel what Hamas could do to change things.  We know it would be futile.  When will everyone understand you cannot negotiate when the enemy will not sit down and talk and they want the whole world to adhere to their way of thinking and living which takes us back to   the stone age.   How does Israel work around these Hamas’ inhuman acts of placing children and their families when an announced war zone is going to be bombed?  Are you and the others trying to tie Israel’s hands behind their backs like the U.S. did in Afghanistan and Iraq which was the cause of the deaths of so many of our soldiers because of inserting the enemy in our own forces?  We have seen enough shredding of  the cloth of Israel.  Put the blame where it squarely belongs – on Hamas!  Enough of this sick propaganda war – showing these children being rushed to the clinics for aid – you are making a laughing stock of the media.  Or are you sticking to that old fable – all is fair in love and war?




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