It struck me in the heart when the Iran Supreme Leader spoke the following words:  “The Only Solution for Crisis is Israel’s Destruction.”  Who gave this leader of Iran the right to declare to the world – a country’s destruction?   How would he feel if missiles were reining in on his country?  Why are all of these Muslim countries afraid of Israel?  Is it Israel gives so much to the world and receives so little.  Whereas the Muslims have given only misery to the world.  When will the Muslims start giving instead of taking human lives?  The following story would be appropriate:

A hermit living off by himself decided he needed supplies.  So, he bridled his mule and walked to town.  After he bought and loaded his supplies (coffee, flour, sugar, salt, etc.), the mule balked and would not move.  He began pulling on the reins, then yanking, then hollering, and even whipped the mule to get it to go home.  A stranger in town was watching this and said, “Hold on there, you don’t need to whip this fine animal,  just be kind and gentle and you can get it to do anything you want.”   By now the hermit was very exasperated and said,  okay, you show me how it’s done.  The stranger looked around and saw a six-foot  2X4  leaning against the wall.  He picked it up, walked in front of the mule and struck the mule on the head with it, nearly knocking it unconscious.   Whoa, said the hermit – is that what you call being kind and gentle?  The stranger answered.  But, sir, I have to get its attention first.  

So, have you Mr. Iran’s Supreme Leader – have  you ever had to deal with an “old-timer” who was set in his ways like  yourself?

“Righteous living is not just about obeying what has been explicitly commanded and forbidden.  Rather, it is about living out the fullest most creative response to the real needs of human life and community.”  

No disrespect to you, Sir –  but,  I think you need to rethink your position! Since you are begging Hamas to destroy Israel, why don’t you invite Hamas to come live in Iran – you have a lot of land and they would certainly be an asset to your country. 



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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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