Why do people think it is so important for a woman to be the president of the U.S.?  We have just been through an election where a person was elected who was not qualified to be president and  look at the  consequences we are suffering at the present time.  We have to fight with all our might in the November election by electing Republicans in the House and Senate.  Then in the next round in 2016, we must be sure and vet the person very thoroughly.  The person has to be a truthful person to begin with.  The next qualification is they must have the background for the job – not just a smooth talker.  In the last election, Hillary thought she was going to win the hearts and minds of the American people.  The American people felt and  voted differently.  She has served in two government positions and the people have found out that she was not qualified.  We must not let her lead us to the trough of “self-pity” which is  what happened in the last round of presidential votes.  The news stated today that Obama wants the progressive Democrat Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren to throw her hat into the ring.  This would surely be another big mistake for the country since she has traveled with Obama in the circle of life.  The progressive road which she traveled to the Senate seat she now holds was very divisive.


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