Bill O’Reilly’s show tonight covered the border and Iraq. He asked Bret Hume why Obama was not enforcing the Southern border of the U.S. into Mexico.  Bret did not seem to have an answer.  Well, I do!  The reason is that in January of this year the government advertised in Central America newspapers for chaperons to bring these children to the U.S.  He wants the chaos and the cost that comes along with taking care of all of these children.   My suggestion is for Congress to send a bill to the countries that sent these children.  It has been proven there is no hardship in those countries.  The Socialist Democratic party continues to steal the children from these countries and abuse them when they arrive.  This is a blight on this nation.

Obama is flying to Texas this week for three fund-raisers.  I wonder why he won’t go to the border.  Why not,  he and his Democratic party caused all of this chaos?   I hope the protestors show up for the fund-raisers and let him know we would rather he stay in Washington and not pollute our air.

The other question was about Iraq and why Obama was not using air power to help the country.  That is an easy question to answer.  The answer is that he is on the side of the ISIS – didn’t he try to help the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt when Morsi was the leader and before Morsi was removed from office and sent to prison?


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