September 29, 2014

This is just a reminder that when everyone goes to vote that we must defend our Constitution from the Socialist Democratic Party.  The following letter emphasizes this reasoning because Obama, Eric Holder,  Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are the lawless officials who are abusing our Constitution and flaunting it in our faces and laughing all the way to the bank.

July 8, 2014

Our Texas Congressman Mike Conaway penned a letter to the people of Texas stating, “we must defend the Constitution” from this administration who is abusing all of the laws of the country.  In this letter, he states:  

“The Separation of Powers is an immutable cornerstone of Western society and Democracy.  The principle is simple: by dividing power among several branches of government, they can act as a ‘check’ and ‘balance’ against each other.  The purpose is to prevent the abuse of power.  For this reason, only Congress can pass a law.  Only Congress can raise revenue.  Is it the fast or easy way to get things done?  No.  But these powers are restricted for a reason.  

Our government is built from the ground up to prevent the abuse of power, and today those protections are failing.  I believe the current administration should not be able to withhold documents concerning scandals.  It should not be able to selectively enforce entire laws claiming ‘prosecutorial discretion.’  When government officials try to escape the bounds of their Constitutional authority they plant the seeds of tyranny.  

We passed several bills this year that allow Congress to hold a President who violates his constitutional limits of power accountable.  On March 12th, I voted for a bill that would authorize Congress to file a lawsuit against the President for failing to execute the laws.  On March 13th I voted for a bill that would require the Attorney General to report to Congress when federal officials do  not enforce the law.  

To protect our republic, The Senate should pass these bills too.  All people regardless of their affiliations have an interest in seeing this legislation passed.”

As we know Senator Harry Reid (one person) continues to pigeon-hole any bill that is sent to the Senate to keep it off of the floor for voting purposes – so he is obstructing the Constitution and is not following the law.  I hope that everyone who reads this will call your representative and make our voices heard.  We have a Constitution that needs to be followed.


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