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The liberal 60 percent have turned into communists. The Democrats are now criminals who do not follow the Constitution under Biden/Obama or the rule of law. There is no party called Democrats as we remembered and were a part of and which left us. Now we are Republicans.

What is the definition of a liberal?  Webster’s dictionary defines it as open to new ideas or a person who is in favor of reform and progress.  Therefore, when the newspapers state that 60 percent of the liberals say they are not proud to be Americans, it is stunning because we had a liberal president, liberal senate, liberal house that could have done anything they wanted to do in all areas of the government – healthcare, immigration, environmental, and all government departments.  Since then the Republicans won the House back because of the lack of accomplishments by the liberals and what are the liberals now doing, – nothing but complaining.  In November we will see if this 60 percent of liberals will make a change or do they just want something to complain about.

But my question is, I would like to hear from some of these 60 percenters who are not proud Americans to see just what it is that gives them this attitude.  I fail to understand this attitude!  Do they lack patriotism?  The definition of patriotism is the great love for one’s OWN COUNTRY and loyalty to it.  The definition of loyalty is faithful to one’s family, duty, beliefs, and country.    

When my grandparents came to the U.S. from the Czech Republic (CR)  they did not bring the Czech flag, they did not bring their Czech language but learned English, and accepted the life here in the U.S.  So all of you who do not accept this loyalty to the American way of life you will never be happy in the U.S. and I suggest you return to your home of origin.  Those of you who are born and raised Americans and are unhappy, you need to search your soul to see if maybe you are the problem and need an attitude adjustment  in patriotism and loyalty.  Or, maybe you need to do some research of other countries who would be more compatible with your way of thinking.  We have travelled the world and at this point I have never felt any other country could be totally acceptable for living the life we have here in the U.S.

It is not the U.S. that is the problem.  It is these politicians who the people elect.  Right now we have some of the drug-induced generation in office whose brains have been fried and do not have the ability to think or make decisions.  One good example was during the Viet Nam war when the soldiers returned.  It wasn’t the soldiers who caused or started the war – it was the politicians.  But who did the American people treat so badly – the soldiers.  Please put on your thinking cap and spin that wheel in your mind, who is really causing this beautiful Lady Liberty so much heartache, but the politicians.  So all of you 60 percenters maybe you need to rethink your vote or search for a new country.



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