Since the main street media won’t cover the scandals, what could we possibly do to help them out.  Why don’t we create a pseudo-newspaper.  We will call it – the Cbssensors, Abcsensors, Nbcsensors, Msnbcsensors, and the Cnnsensors, and call it the real news.

Abcsensors – Pelosi calls surge of illegal children an opportunity not a crisis.  She even stated that she would like to take all of the children home with her – sure go ahead.  

Cbssensors – Mexico says they are sorry for border crossing by the U.S. Marine; but, an apology is not good enough – what if we give you a cash down payment – would that help – now this is not a bribe.  

Cnnsensors  – Vietnam vet loses job after giving a muffin to a needy man –  does anyone want to contribute to the cost of the muffin?

Nbcsensors – Texas plans to store guns of “abusers” at private gun range – Wonder whose collection this is?

Msnbcsensors – Comedienne posts a scorching diatribe about Iraq in response to someone else’s view – congrats to them both – that is called freedom of speech, folks.

Signing off, pseudoym



About kommonsentsjane

Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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