Oh, it is so good to get back home from the beach and smell the fresh air of the hill country.  And, tonight, the sun setting on the horizon was the size of a  dinner plate instead of a saucer with that same glow which remained in  your eyes when you shut them. I had planned to blog while I was at the beach but the Satellite and my computer did not sing along together.  Therefore, I blogged online and now have some material to play around with.  Our trip to the  beach this time was to have all of the wood on the house painted and for my better half to get some fishing time in.  The beach was  nice, but sultry, and we did achieve a lot.  But the fish just would not cooperate.  Growing up, our neighbors who fished a lot always spoke about the fish like they were humans. That is, you fished early in the summertime and you fished deep.  In other words, the fish did not like hot water.  Any way, my other half tells the story that he did  not catch all of the fish – he left some for the other fishermen.  One of our neighbors was quite neighborly though and delivered us some of their catch.   So we did not return home empty-handed.  

We left just in time before the real rain set in at the beach.  All of us have heard that everything in Texas is big; but, I wish you could have seen those drops.  They were as big as a quarter pounding on the windshield.  And, the thunder sounded as if the good Lord was mighty upset and not happy with the way things are going on with all of the different folks. These folks just don’t seem to understand that all of the tornadoes, floods, and rain are an indication of his dissatisfaction with the way we are treating his stuff.  I do wonder when they will realize who is the real boss.


About kommonsentsjane

Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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