When will these politicians learn to listen to the people as now ex-Congressman Eric Cantor just learned instead of searching to keep their pecking seat order?  As he learned the landscape now has shifted to the rear.  The news media stated he spent the day in Washington measuring for drapes instead of pouncing the pavement trying to assure the people he was still with them.  This arrogance seems to be systematic in Washington with all of the government – the State Department personnel, the White House, Congress, and Senate.  It looks like we need to call in the pest and termite control experts and cover this city with a tent and exterminate by voting out all of the Socialist Democrats, plus some of these arrogant Republicans, who won’t listen to the people and think they know what is best in order to correct the problems.  The immigration problem exists only because these Socialist Democrats make it a problem.  If they would close the border and enforce all of the laws of the country there would not be a problem and Mr. Cantor might have reconsidered his position on immigration.  Now he will have more time to keep the crumbs off his newly cleaned suit.    


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