October 28, 2014

Months and months have gone by and our Sergeant is still in jail in Mexico.  I wonder if Obama sent him a ballot so that he can vote in Tuesday’s election.  I bet I know who he would vote for!  Wonder what this leader has against our soldier.  Guess he just doesn’t like the military folks, especially with the way they have handled the Veterans Administration.  It looks also like our leader doesn’t have any influence with the President of Mexico or is Mexico holding him as hostage until our leader gives all of those billions of illegals amnesty and then return him as a gift?  Time will tell!  

But in regards to our Sergeant’s voting rights –  shoot – in fact all of his rights are being violated – because it seems none of the Administration – the leader or the State Department – care a hoot about this lone soldier who they have forgotten; but, as Hillary stated, “what different does it make at this time.” Now if we had a Mexican solder in our jail – do you think for a minute Mexico would not be upset and trying to haul him back to Mexico?  Now our soldier in the jail in Mexico had two tours of duty protecting our leader and this country, so why doesn’t our leader get up off his asle and DO SOMETHING – even if it is  just to go down there himself for visit to reassure our Sergeant that he is trying to do something!

June 7, 2014

It is strange that our marine, Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi,  continues to be held  somewhere in Mexico in a Federal jail.  The news media have not given any reason on what the charges are or why  a judge does not hear his case.  I know he has been brought before a judge and he has fired his lawyers because of bad advice. The Americans have the clocks and Mexico has the time which is staged at “ma`nana.”  Strange that our U.S. leader has not opened his mouth; but, yet he gave his opinion on a lot of other cases when he was  not involved. He hasn’t given this case the time of day; but, yet, he expects all of the Latinos to vote for him.  Why hasn’t the Latino people stood up for this young marine, i.e., Mexican  Chamber of Commerce, La Raza, or any other Latino organization?  After all he is Latino!  Isn’t that what our leader spoke about today – no soldier is left behind! 



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