New communism Democrat talking point:

Nancy Pelosi wants to put a windfall tax on all Americans and including women.  It will be called a windfall tax on all stock market profits (including your retirement fund, 401k, and mutual funds).  This is another war on everyone and is another attempt to get our minds off all of the scandals, including Obamacare.

Pelosi stated:  We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed, and minorities.  For example, we have an estimated 12 million ILLEGAL immigrants in our country who need our help, along with millions of unemployed minorities.  Stock market windfall profits taxes could go a long way to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as “Americans.” 

We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income in our country and AT THE SAME TIME LIMITING THE AMOUNT THE RICH CAN INVEST.  (And who does this woman think she is to decide when and how much people should invest?)

All Americans have participated in helping the needy people in this country and the whole world as we have been doing for 100 years and have never turned our backs on any country that needed help.  It is a shame Pelosi doesn’t share her wealth with everyone like the American people do at this time.  The people are carrying their share of the tax load; but, Pelosi has so many write-offs, she doesn’t have to pay taxes like ordinary Americans.  In fact, Obamacare insurance for her is free.  So it is easy to want to tax Americans when you have your goodies stashed in a foreign bank account.  This is just another proposed tax on single men and women to hold them back.  Everything women and men have worked for – she is wanting to take it away.  Pelosi continued, I am not rich, are you?  This woman has to be joking – saying she is not rich.  Did she really say that?  This woman is one of those big-spending, ear-mark-loving supporting Obamacare caving politicians in Washington and needs to be sent back to California and learn how to knit one and Pearl two. 



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