When will the social promoting stop for the blacks and include them in “pulling the wagon/” Also, the BLM/Antifa have to be punished for the burning/looting in WA state/Oregon.

What’s with Attorney General Holder funding a group that published a list of 29 pitfalls of working with white people?  I thought he was supposed to like all colors!  Those Democrats continue to pit the black folks against the white folks.  They have been preaching race for weeks now.  The grants were given to a group called, “The Beyond Diversity Resource Center, which is based in New Jersey and is listed as a progressive partner organization for the white privilege conference held in Wisconsin in March.  One of the “pitfalls” listed in the Centers pamphlet published by the website, “Progressive Today” is that white people, “ask stupid questions.” (Stupid is as stupid does.)  Some of the other pitfalls were “that whites benefit financially off the backs of  people of color .” (Whoa, I have to disagree with that statement – how long have the whites been pulling that wagon?  They need to elaborate on that one).  “That white people are arrogant.” (Yeah, that might be true for some white folks but that works both ways.)   “They say something stupid.” (Yeah – you don’t have to go to school to learn how to be stupid.) “They get too friendly too fast.” (Yeah, that is the trouble with white folks, they are too nice.)   One thing for sure, at least we know where we stand in the junk heap.

I do understand out of all of these meetings and hundreds of thousands of dollars the Federal government (Department of Justice)  spent in grants for this group to let off some steam – with some good results, they produced a cook book.  They should put a site on the internet where it can be purchased cause this white lady would sure buy one. 


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  1. Kelly Hamilton says:

    If the Beyond Diversity Resource Center’s list of 29 pitfalls of working with white people is acceptable, then how would they react if white people published a list of pitfalls in working with blacks (or any other race besides whites)? What an uproar! What a scandal! Heads would roll, and jobs would be snatched! The media would be in a frenzy. Racism is racism of ALL colors.


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