The Houston Chronicle writer, Kevin Diaz , wrote an article where he stated, “The Fifth of May, a day of general celebration in Mexico, hasn’t always been a time for political messaging among Republicans who see illegal immigration as a national threat.”  Is Diaz confused with the September holiday that is celebrated as their big day?  The people in Mexico do not have May 5 as THE holiday.  The May 5 day is a made-up holiday only celebrated in the U. S. according to the folks I spoke to in Mexico.   We flew into Mexico last year on May 5 expecting a big celebration.  Upon our arrival, I asked the locals where was the Cinco celebration and they replied, “Cinco de Mayo is a made-up  U.S. holiday.” 

Diaz quoted, Matt Angle, Democratic operative who stated, “It’s certainly a political strategy.  But it’s also a cynical strategy, because what they’re hoping to do, with bells, whistles, and money, is really trying to pretend a sensitivity and connection that’s just not there.  This statement is certainly a reflection on the Democrats and their scare tactics.  I think the Hispanics should be scared with the directions this Democratic party is headed  and the  fact they do not want ” God” in their platform.  Just ask the California former mayor who was leading the last convention and the problem he had with trying to get this party to vote God into the platform.  He finally had to arbitrarily inject it into the platform not from their platform vote.  They voted three times and never had the  votes to put God in their platform.  The Hispanics need to do a little checking on this party – it is not the party of yester-years.  They have been making big promises to these people for many years without any success.   The line I heard for many years was, you can’t join the Republican party because it is only for rich people.  Hog wash, the people in this party are conservative, hard-working, and church-going people.   That is something we can’t say about the Democratic party.  The surveys today show there is  many more rich government people in the Democratic party and the fact they didn’t work for this money –  how did these government people become so rich?

The Democrats only want to continue to control these people and keep them on the Plantation.  The Hispanics can vote for whoever they want; but, they need to give some serious thought to what is going on in this Democratic party.  What is the state of our country and what party is taking this country down the path of destruction?  The Republicans  have been trying to encourage the Hispanic people to join their party;  but, the Democrats seem to always lie them into their party by promising them the moon and all they end up with is a moon pie. 

If you are interested in reading the real story, please read my blog entitled,  “The Real Holiday is not Cinco de Mayo, it is September 16”  of each year.



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