As anyone can tell by any blog that is written here, the disgust that I have for the socialist, communist professors we have in our colleges. The reason for this is the fact that any supervisor (and in this case the professor) who lords a passing grade over someone whether they pass or fail when the young person voices a different opinion should be treated as any other discrimination case.   These professors need to sign a contract each year with the state or college which pronounces that this is not happening in their classes.  If they are, this is a direct assault on an individual and denies their ability to be  in a free, safe zone.  Why is it the state governors can’t put a stop to this harassment of students since the majority of these schools receive monies from the state.  These professors need to keep their ideology out of the classroom and teach rather than intimidating students by holding their grades as a tipping point.  A website has been set up where students can go to in order to register a complaint.

One other gaggle of  geese I have is the tuition which these colleges charge.  It is a crime what the colleges are charging each student for tuition.  They are actually “holding up” the parents just as if they were holding a gun to their heads.  As long as the colleges are receiving this loan money from the government (and it is a guaranteed pay back) this tuition will continue to be increased because the colleges know they will sooner or later receive their money.  These colleges do not need this tuition to be raised every year because all of these colleges have more money than they will ever spend and are well endowed.  The states should put a  moratorium on college tuition for the time being.  Learning institutions need to be an institution of learning not a resort for the professors and that is what is happening.


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