It really offends me when I see a black person like Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), who puts himself above the fray in Washington,  being called names by another black person like Democrat Representative (Rep) James Clyburn (D-SC).  It was a pleasure  to watch the dignity in which  Senator Scott handled this accusation and did not return  Rep Clyburn’s bigotry.  

Quoting Clyburn, “Rep Clyburn  does  not like the fact that Senator Scott doesn’t vote according to the color of his skin (black).  If you call progress electing a person with the pigmentation that he has, who votes against the interest and aspirations of 95% of the black people in SC, then I guess that’s progress.”  This is a ploy to undermine the job Senator Scott is doing for ALL of the people of South Carolina.  Rep Clyburn is a trouble-maker and continues to exploit himself by being a political bully.  Rep Clyburn is one of those people from the old South that won’t ever let go of  the  segregation period.  He continued, “Democrats have come a long way from Dr. Martin Luther King’s admonition that we look to content of character instead of the color of skin.  Today’s Democrats have that reversed.”  It is that same old race tale – he certainly hit the nail on the head when he said – “Democrats have that reversed.”  What that means is content of character doesn’t matter any more – the color of  your skin matters now.  Now “what if a Republican would have said that?”

He, as well as some of the other Democrats, will forever hold on to that race card because they don’t want to share, they want the whole ball of wax – free – without any work on their part.  A good example was Charles Barkley’s statement in regards to the LA Clippers.  His statement that the blacks own the Clippers because the players are all black –  not the fact the team has an owner and the players are employees of the team.  What mentality!

It has been proven these Democrats want everything – free money, spending, and no budget and debt up to our eyeballs.  Rep. Clyburn wants to be in charge of America so the Democrats can continue tear it up and bring this country to the level of Africa.  As we all know about the leadership we now have in the White House – they are now destroying this country instead of coming together.  You can tell by Clyburn’s actions on television while working in Washington, he has so much hate in his heart that his spit is bitter.  And that bitter spit continues to roll out of his mouth, “if you stop hollering , you stop gettin’.”  It would serve the people of South Carolina to make a change on Rep Clyburn because he is one of those who has been in Washington too long and is not elevating the discourse.  Rep  Clyburn is what is wrong with Washington whereby nothing can be accomplished.  The Democrats did this same name calling of Rep. West (R) from Florida, so this is nothing new.  

It is time for the American people to stop “coddling” and put everyone on the same level playing field and then let everyone be responsible for uplifting this country.

April 13, 2014

It seems we have two more Socialist Democrat bigots.  We have Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi) who called Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom. Repre Bennie’s idea is if you are black and don’t support the liberal socialist agenda (right or wrong) – you are an Uncle Tom.  It seems he has the same problem in his getty-up as Repre Clyburn – Repre Bennie doesn’t think the content of character doesn’t matter any more – that everything should be based on the color of your skin.  All of you white folks out there remember that when you vote the next time.   Now, Mr. Steve Israel (D-NY) is throwing out that race card – how many decks of cards do those Democrats have?   It seems his dandruff is showing and he is speaking with a twisted tongue which is accusing all of the Republicans as being racist.  I guess those Republicans are going to have to get out their “dog whistle”  and call in all of the dogs which is a signal to the left.  The Democrats know what that call means and it doesn’t mean “whistling in Dixie.”





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